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News from the BBC, CNN, and Al-Jazeera: How the Three Broadcasters Cover the Middle East (Leon Barkh

News from the BBC, CNN, and Al-Jazeera: How the Three Broadcasters Cover the Middle East (Leon BarkhQuantity in Basket:none
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Title: News from the BBC, CNN, and Al-Jazeera
Sub-title: How the Three Broadcasters Cover the Middle East
Author(s): Leon Barkho
Publish Date: July 2010
Pages: 198
Format: Paper
The three gigantic media corporations, the BBC, CNN, and Al-Jazeera, are largely responsible for refining and shaping our views of events in the world. Their informational and communicative arm is unprecedented in this history of human communication. This book deals with their Middle East coverage, particularly the Israeli-Palestinian struggle and the war in Iraq. The picture it paints may not be a happy one for readers who have long taken the “neutrality” and “objectivity” of the three media behemoths for granted. The book helps readers first t become conscious of how the more powerful in the society work to control our lives through their discourse. It shows how and why the three broadcasters do that. It might be shocking for some readers to realize that the language we read and listen to is what the three broadcasters select to shape the world their own way and not the way their observers (journalists) want it to be or we the audiences expect it to be.

Contents: INTRODUCTION. The CDA Perspective of the Book. What is the Book About? The Target of the Book. Some Implications of the Book’s CDA Perspective. THE SOCIAL AND LINGUISTIC REALITY OF NEWS. Which Journalistic Epistemology? Is it “Tell it as it is,” or “It is as You Tell it” or Something Else? How to Integrate Social and Linguistic Reality. The Observer and Social Reality Creation. Is the Observer’s Role in Journalistic Reality Creation Vanishing? THE SOCIAL AND LINGUISTIC POWER OF NEWS. Analysis. Clausal Hegemony. Power. Hegemony. Ideology. Why Critical? THE DIALOGIC AND SYMBOLIC POWER OF NEWS DISCOURSE. Macro vs. Micro Discourse Levels. The Novel and Hard News. Investigating Role of Power in News Discourse. Power and “Systems”. The Business Narrative Factor. Strategic Positioning and Discourse. LIMITATIONS OF CRITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS. Issues to Solve. DATA AND METHOD. Visiting and Observing. The Researcher’s Role. Textual Material. Media as a Source. Interviews. THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF THE AL-JAZEERA VERSUS THE BBC AND CNN. Social and Linguistic Construction of News. Method. Analysis. Issues of Style. What Does Al-Jazeera Say? Consequences of AJA’s Way of Reporting. BBC, CCN, AND AJA’S LINGUISTIC AND SOCIAL LINKS AT LEVELS HIGHER THAN LEXIS. Four Layers of Hard News Discourse: Quoting, Paraphrasing, Background and Comment. English Online News from the BBC, CNN, and AJE. Analysis. Social Implications. Research Implications. AL-JAZEERA ARABIC VERSUS THE BBC AND CNN: HOW DO THEY CONSTRUCT THEIR SOCIAL AND LINGUISTIC REALITIES? The Interface of Editorial Power and Political Power. Lexis and Power. Lexical Strategy. Symbolic Terms. Rival Discourses. Audience Identity. “Macabre” Discourse. Reporting Verbs. Reporters as Speakers. Texts within Texts. THE SOCIAL AND LINGUISTIC REALITY OF AL-JAZEERA ENGLISH VERSUS THE BBC AND CNN ENGLISH SERVICES. Analysis. Less “Loaded”. Type of Verb. “Unnatural Before Now “Natural”. THE SOCIAL AND LINGUISTIC ROLE OF INTERNAL GUIDELINES IN SHAPING THE NEWS. AJA’s Internal Guidelines. AJE’s Internal Guidelines. BBC’s Internal Guidelines. The Interface of Linguistic and Social Reality. CONCLUSION. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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