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Homeland Earth (Edgar Morin, Anne Brigitte Kern)

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Title: Homeland Earth
Author(s): Edgar Morin, Anne Brigitte Kern
Publish Date: 1999
Pages: 172
Format: Paper
In this short and widely hailed masterpiece, Edgar Morin, one of the leading figures in European thought, challenges us to think differently about our past, our present, and our future. Morin points to the development of a planetary culture that is not homogenizing or fragmented, and the need to recognize complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity as potential sources of creativity, learning, and transformation. Given the uncertainty of our journey, Morin presents "complex thought" as a way to overcome the "crisis of the future," and stresses the importance of solidarity. This book is a passionate and compelling summation of Morin's synthetic vision of our planetary history and collective destiny. What most distinguishes it is the manner in which it sustains a truly planetary perspective on the complex factors--ecological, technological, social, psychological--which might facilitate, as they threaten to abort, a nascent humanity.

Contents: Series Editor's Foreword. Preface. PROLOGUE: THE HISTORY OF HISTORY. Prehistory and History. The Great Histories. THE PLANETARY ERA. The Planetary Revolution. The Beginnings of the Planetary Era. The Westernization of the World. The Globalization of Ideas. Globalization Through War. From Hope to Damoclean Threat. Economic Globalization. The Hologram. Indications of a Planetary Consciousness. The Surge of Humanity. CITIZENS OF THE EARTH. From Cosmos to Cosmos. A Unique Planet. A Living Earth. Human Identity. Anthropological Unity. Earth Awareness. THE EARTH IN CRISIS. Problems of the First Order. Problems of the Second Order. A Life and Death Struggle. OUR EARTH-CENTERED GOALS. To Preserve, to Change. To Resist. The Conscious Pursuit of Homogenization. From Economic to Human Development. Development, Capitalism, Socialism. Developing Underdevelopment among Developed and Underdeveloped Countries. Metadevelopment. The Past/Present/Future Relation Rediscovered. The Outward/Inward Relation. The Civilizing of Civilization. Civilizing through Democracy. Earth Federation. Yes But... IMPOSSIBLE REALISM. An Uncertain Reality. The Dialectic of the Ideal and the Real. The Wager. The Possible/Impossible. The Enormity of Contrary Forces. The Impossibly Possible? ANTHROPOLITICS. From Politics to Anthropolitics. Total and Totalitarian Politics. Politics Drained and Fragmented. Anthropological Complexity. Complexity at the Helm: Political Ecology and the Role of Strategy. Three Kinds of Time. Three Zones of Space. Preparing the Deceleration. Preparing for the Metatechnical Era. THE REFORM IN THINKING. Fragmented Thinking. False Rationality. From Rationalization to Rationality. Thinking in Context. Thinking the Complex. The Restoration of Thinking. THE GOSPEL OF DOOM. Lost Salvation, Unknown Adventure. The Good-Bad News. The Call for Fellowship. Living on Earth for Life's Sake. The Gospel of Doom. CONCLUSION: HOMELAND EARTH. The Great Confluence. Homeland Earth. A Common Earthly Fate. Co-pilots of the Earth. Early Stages. References.

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