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Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Literacy Research: Second Edition by Rechard Beach, Judith Green,

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Since publication of the first edition, literacy researchers have drawn increasingly on sociocultural and sociolingustic theories of literacy learning to examine literacy-learning practices within literacy events and contexts. This second edition examines the relationships between current disciplinary and theoretical perspectives associated with these social and cultural perspectives shaping literacy research.
Leading literacy researchers describe how they apply particular disciplinary perspectives t their research, making explicit how those perspectives shape their research. Chapters in the first section examine the application of psychological and social science theories of research design related to issues of the validity of descriptive/qualitative versus experimental/quantitative research methods. Those in the second section examine the application of sociocultural/Activity Theory perspectives to examine literacy learning in the context of community and institutional settings. The third section draws on current linguistic and discourse analysis to examine language use and interactions in literacy events and contexts. A final section applies critical literacy and literary perspectives to issues of research on literacy and literature instruction.
These application of different disciplinary perspectives highlight how differences in theoretical perspectives influence not only how one conducts literacy research, but also the kinds of literacy practices one values in schools.

Contents: MULTIPLE DISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES AND ISSUES OF RESEARCH DESIGN, Timothy Shanahan and Michael Kamil. Modes of Inquiry in Literacy Studies and Issues of Philsophy of Science, Timothy Shanahan. Some Issues Concerning Differences among Perspectives in Literacy Research; Reconsidering the Issues After a Decade of Change, Michael Kamil. Qualitative versus Quantitative research: A False Dichotomy, George Hillocks. Psychological Perspective on Literacy Studies, John Hayes. SOCIOCULTURAL/ACTIVITY THEORY PERSPECTIVES ON LITERACY RESEARCH Richard Beach. Vygotsky’s Contribution to Literacy Research, Holbrook Mahn and Vera John-Steiner, All That Glitters Ain’t Gold: CHAT as a Design and Analytical Tool in Literacy Research, Carol Lee and Ametha Ball. Participating in Emergent Socio-Literate Worlds: Genre, Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, Charles Bazerman and Paul Prior, Settings, Speech Genres and the Institutional Settings, Richard Beach and Julie Kalnin. Community-based Local Literacies Research, Karin Tusting and David Barton.

LINGUISTIC AND DISCOURSE ANALYSIS PERSPECTIVES ON LANGUAGE AND LITERACY RESEARCH, Judith Green. Introductions to Studying Language and Literacy, in Particular, David Bloome. Critical Discourse Analysis, James Paul Gee. Biliteracy, Nancy Hornberger. Studying the DiscursivE Construction of Texts in Classrooms Through Interactional Ethnography, Carol Dixon and Judith Green. The Discoursal Construction of Writer Identity, Roz Ivanic. CRITICAL LITERACY AND LITERACY RESEARCH, Richard Beach. Critical Literacy, Peter Freebody. Critical Literacy: Theory, Pedagogy and the Historical Imperative, Bronwyn Mellor and Annette Patterson. Author Index. Subject Index.

Year: 2005 Pages: 524

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