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Inside Multimodal Composition (Andrew Morrison)

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Title: Inside Multimodal Composition
Editor(s): Andrew Morrison, University of Oslo
Publish Date: February 2011
Pages: 556
Format: Paper
A variety of discourse modes and composition practice now pervade much of our mediated communication. Digital tools factor heavily in such composition, and increasingly its collaborative character. They also have a bearing on our changing and indeed, merging, practices as designers, educators, and researchers.

This wide-ranging and ambitious collection of largely project-based contributions addresses these developments with reference to the core notion of multimodality. The chapters take the social semiotics of this approach and relate it to a wide range of disciplines and intersections in a sociocultural perspective on design, mediation and learning. Production-based inquiry is also central and offers means of moving inside experimental and more established compositional processes and products.

Some of the areas addressed include: critical issues in digital design; attention to media and materiality; persuasion and performativity; negotiating relations and networks; shaping mediated meaning making; reviewing historical aspects, genres and norms; exploring border crossings, identity and articulation; and moving multimodality into digital communication analysis. Graduate students and researchers in rhetoric, writing, new literacies, applied discourse studies, media and communication, and visual communication will find a variety of studies that are related theoretically and methodologically.

Contents: FRAMING. Views from the Inside Out, Andrew Morrison. Scrabble is a Conceptual Toolbox, Andrew Morrison. MEDIATING. Preface: Caretakers of Multimodality, Cynthia Haynes. PowerPoint: Beyond Hardware and Software, Gunnar Liestøl. Multimodal Polyphony: Analysis of a Flash Documentary, Anders Fagerjord. Mediating Hybrid Design: Imaginative Renderings of Automotive Innovation on the Web, Andrew Morrison and Synne Skjulstad. MAKING. Preface: Triggers are For Guns; Reality is Continuous, Maja Kuzmanovic. Reactive and Responsive Artifacts in Discourses of Multimodal Embodiment, Andrew Morrison and Even Westvang. Behind the Wallpaper: Multimodal Performativity in Mixed-Reality Arts, Andrew Morrison, Idunn Sem and Martin Havnør. Multimodal Production and Semiotic Resources for Learning About Film Narrative, Andrew Deacon, Andrew Morrison, and Jane Stadler. DOCUMENTING. Preface: To Choreograph, Adrian Miles. Blogging the Ephemeral, Andrew Morrison and Per Roar Thorsnes. Design as Alignment of Modalities, Dagny Stuedahl and Ole Smørdal. What Are These? Designers’ Web Sites as Communication Design, Synne Skjulstad. REFLECTING. Preface: Following a Plenary Address, Sinfree Makoni. Multiple Activity–Multiple Mediation: Conceptualizing and Furthering the Use of Wikis, Andrew Morrison, Ole Smørdal Andreas Lund and Anne Moen. Border Crossings and Multimodal Composition in the Arts, Andrew Morrison. Guiding Meaning on Guided Tours: Narratives of Art and Learning in Museums, Palmyre Pierroux. In the Beginning There Was Only Electricity—Together with Words, Music, and Sounds: Fragments of the Semiotic History of Norwegian Broadcast Radio, Wenche Vagle. Author Index. Subject Index.

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