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Environmental Communication and the Extinction Vortex: Technology as Denial of Death

Environmental Communication and the Extinction Vortex: Technology as Denial of DeathQuantity in Basket:none
Code: 978-61289-138-5

Title: Environmental Communication and the Extinction Vortex
Sub-title: Technology as Denial of Death
Author(s): Eric M. Kramer, Gabriel Adkins, Sang Ho Kim, and Greg Miller
Publish Date: June 2014
Pages: 416
Format: Cloth
This book is about the anthropic epoch and the extinction vortex we are witnessing. Currently a mass extinction of species is occurring. At the same time a mass extinction of languages and cultures is also occurring. These two mass extinctions, biological and cultural, are linked. Concurrently, transhumanists hope against hope to upload their minds into virtual reality to escape this death. Both extinctions and the plan to escape them by uploading our minds into computer networks are rooted in a narcissistic delusion of immortal self-actualization. This is a pathetic death-defying delusion of late modernity—hypertrophic selfishness. The common denominator is a particular culture that has become dominant, spreading across the globe. As it objectifies other species and out-group people, it erroneously believes it transcends the world-system. This is the absurdity of the most profound delusional accomplishment of the anthropic epoch, the extinction vortex. The more powerful and individualistic we become the more power we crave, and the faster the extinction vortex spins us with it.

Abridged Contents: Preface: Hubris on a Global Scale. Introduction: Welcome to the Grand Modern Accomplishment—The Extinction Vortex. PART I: THE ORIGIN OF OUR ANTHROPIC EPOCH. Narcissistic Culture. Cybernetic Narcissism. The Grand Paradox: Technology as Suicidal Death Denial. Media Campaigns that Teach Us the Truth that Technology is Love. The Human as Maker and Increasingly Self-Made: The Collapse of Dualism and the Dialectic of Technology. Mediated Empiricism (Electro-Egocentric Fallacy): The More you Watch the Dumber You Get. PART II: GIVING UP ON LIFE TO LIVE FOREVER: THE DEATH-DEFYING DELUSION OF TECHNOTOPIC. Hegel’s Twisted Dream: Pure Disembodied Consciousness. Defanging the “Paradox” of Mutually Excluding Determinisms. Theoretical Background. Comparative Assessment of Theories of Technology. The Nature of Technology and Communication. Methodological Approach. Embodiment and Technology. Visiocentrism and Overdetermination. Our Sense Within the Technological Milieu. Conclusion. About the Authors. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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