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The Logic of Culture

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Title: The Logic of Culture
Author(s): Algis Mickunas and Joseph J. Pilotta
Publish Date: September 2014
Pages: 322
Format: Cloth
This book is a condensation of critical essays in contemporary culture within the context of European phenomenology, employing its own self-critiques in order to demonstrate the methodological and experiential dimensions of the logic of culture.

The essays are neither a part of foundationalism or foundation-less. Rather the experience of the space-time movement—logic of permanence/flux, stasis/flux, and the permutation of enhancement/reclamation and of permanence/flux and permanent/permanence—are critical for opening cultural studies to civilization and cosmological (world) investigations. The contemporary world of globalization, with boundaries becoming rather insignificant and the intermixing of global expressions, requires broader and more-encompassing observations.

This book will be of interest in the social sciences and in comparative studies in the humanities, for programs in cultural studies, and in courses emphasizing cultural systems such as physical anthropology.

Contents: Prologue: What the Others Confirm Yet Deny, Joseph J. Pilotta. Global Lifeworld, Algis Mickunas. Cultural Lifeworld and History, Algis Mickunas. History: The Grand Fact of Being, Algis Mickunas. Self-Identity and its Disruptions, Algis Mickunas. Critique of Foucault: History and Ethnography, Algis Mickunas and Joseph J. Pilotta. Life-World: Computer Logic and Values as a Self-Generating System, Joseph J. Pilotta and Algis Mickunas. The Dispositive of Tele-Visual Experience, Algis Mickunas and Joseph J. Pilotta. Proust and Husserl, Algis Mickunas. Primacy of Time: Bergson and Husserl, Algis Mickunas. The Thirteenth Hermeneutic: Destruction and Borrowed Power, Algis Mickunas. Articulating Difference and the Proliferation of Signs, Algis Mickunas and Joseph J. Pilotta. Permanence and Flux, Algis Mickunas. Consciousness in Transition, Algis Mickunas. Anarchies in Collision, Algis Mickunas. Self-Inclusion, Algis Mickunas. Author Index. Subject Index.

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