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Transcending Gangs: Latinas Story Their Experience

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Code: 978-1-61289-097-5

Title: Transcending Gangs
Sub-title: Latinas Story Their Experience
Author(s): Liliana Castañeda Rossmann
Publish Date: October 2012
Pages: 348
Format: Paper
How do girls who are involved with gangs or impacted by them manage to leave the gang and go on to other ways of being and acting in the world? This book details how the practices of storying their experiences give gang-involved and gang-impacted Latina girls and women a way to disinhabit the gang, to craft new identities that do not ignore or evade but include relevant parts of their old identity, and to help others to inhabit new identities. Transcending the gang, that is, being conscious of the gang’s influence and impact in their lives several years and even decades after leaving, is performed through storytelling.

The book takes the Communication Perspective to draw from an eclectic array of peacemaking approaches—from the UN Peacekeepers and Conflict Coaching to community centers and transcendent mediation—to envision how girls might thrive despite the presence of gangs in their neighborhoods, schools, and lives. By focusing on the social construction of possibilities, the Story of Esperanza shows how girls can access the resources necessary—economic, social, political, community, cultural, interactional, and more importantly, storytelling—on their journey to transcend gangs and inhabit inter(in)dependence within more just social worlds.

Contents: INTRODUCING THE CONCEPTS. A Story of Stories. Relevant Gang Research. A Primer on Storytelling and Transcendence. THEMES. Inhabiting the Gang. Family Violence. Tattoos and Identity. Of Colors and Names, or “What Good Are Colors for, Anyway”. In la Vida Loca, “You Get Up to Get High”. “Time Served”. Mother’hood. Loyalty and Respect. Betrayal. The Narrative of Redemption. APPLICATIONS FOR THEORY AND PRACTICE. Disinhabiting the Gang. Transcending Gangs. Conclusion: The Story of Esperanza. The Storytellers. Glossary of Common Gang Terms. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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