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Educating Toddlers to Teachers: Learning to See and Influence the School and Peer Cultures of Classr

Educating Toddlers to Teachers: Learning to See and Influence the School and Peer Cultures of ClassrQuantity in Basket:none
Code: 978-1-61289-033-3

Title: Educating Toddlers to Teachers
Sub-title: Learning to See and Influence the School and Peer Cultures of Classrooms
Editor(s): David Fernie, Samara Madrid, and Rebecca Kantor
Publish Date: August 2011
Pages: 296
Format: Paper
This book illustrates the usefulness of understanding classrooms as peer and school cultural venues for examing diverse topics at any and all grade levels.

At the core of the volume are eight empirical ethnographic studies that employ a “classroom as cultures” framework. The voices of both children and teachers are ever-present in these analyses—literally in what children and teachers say and do, and metaphorically in the recurring theme of listening to their interests and perspectives as they negotiate daily classroom life together.

Each chapter is accompanied by a commentary from a leading researcher in the field that invites further reflection on the part of readers, whether they are teachers, graduate students, or researchers. The introductory and concluding chapters written by the editors, along with a prologue and epilogue by William Corsaro and Judith Green, further explicate the several coherent themes threaded through this group of studies. The rich dialogue creates a perspective for viewing the unique and powerful daily life in all classrooms.

Prologue, William Corsaro. Introduction, Rebecca Kantor, David Fernie and Samara Madrid. “Do You Want to Rough and Tumble”: Toddler Project Work as an Intersection of School Culture and Peer Culture, Michelle Sanderson. Commentary, Carolyn Pope Edwards. “Welcome to our Team, Shark Boy”: Making Superhero Play Visible, Jeanne Galbraith. Commentary, Stuart Reifel. Romantic Love Among Peers in the Preschool Classroom, Samara Madrid. Commentary, Glenda MacNaughton. Learning from Children’s Humor: Peer Culture as a Teaching Tool, Aaron Neimark. Commentary, Amos Hatch. A Peer Culture Perspective of English Language Learners’ Social Competence, Peg Elgas. Commentary, Celia Genishi. Peer Culture Processes Embedded in Natural Sciences Projects of Preschoolers, Hatice Zeynep Inan. Commentary, Harold Gothson. Classroom Meetings: An Intersection of School Culture and Peer Culture in a Progressive Education Classroom, Julie M. Eirich. Commentary, Mara Krechevsky. Resistance and Solidarity within A Cohort of Preschool Teachers, Mustafa Yasar. Maylan Dunn-Kenney. Connections and Implications: Contributions to a Theory of Classrooms as Cultures, David Fernie, Rebecca Kantor, and Samara Madrid. Epilogue, Judith Green. Author Index. Subject Index.

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