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Walter Ong’s Contributions to Cultural Studies Revised Edition: The Phenomenology of the Word and I-

Walter Ong’s Contributions to Cultural Studies Revised Edition: The Phenomenology of the Word and I-Quantity in Basket:none
Code: 978-1-57273-951-2

Title: Walter Ong’s Contributions to Cultural Studies Revised Edition
Sub-title: The Phenomenology of the Word and I-Thou Communication
Author(s): Thomas J. Farrell, with an Introduction by Robert A. White and an updated Afterword and Bibliography
Publish Date: January 2015
Pages: 354
Format: Paper
The American cultural historian and philosopher Walter J. Ong, S.J. (1912-2003) studied the deep developments of Western culture extensively. As a result, his multifaceted work can help us get our cultural bearings in the world today. In the present book, Thomas Farrell provides a comprehensive view of Ong’s thought, but he also shows the importance of Ong in the contemporary intellectual landscape.

Ong has made a contribution in the following disciplines: literary studies, communication, theology and religious studies, psychology, literary history, and linguistics, and he is a recognized scholar in still other areas. The objective of this book is not so much to summarize and synthesize but rather to provide some interpretative guides that will bring the reader into Ong’s own lively discussion of contemporary intellectual issues.

Contents: Introduction, Robert A. White. PROLOGUE. Introduction. The Scale and Character of Ong’s Work. The So-Called Great Divide Theory. The Larger Import of Ong’s Work. ONG’S LIFE AND WORK. Introduction. Ong’s Family Background. Ong’s Education. Ong’s Professional Life. ONG STUDIES PETER RAMUS AND RAMISM. Introduction. Survey of Ramus, Method, and the Decay of Dialogue. Paired Oppositions. Conclusion. ONG THE RELIGIOUS COMMENTATOR. Introduction. Survey of Frontiers in American Catholicism. Survey of American Catholic Crossroads. Discussion. Ong’s Own Religious Stance. Conclusion. ONG THE INTELLECTUAL AT LARGE. Introduction. Survey of The Barbarian Within. Survey of In the Human Grain. Discussion. Conclusion. ONG THE CULTURAL RELATIVIST. Introduction. Survey of The Presence of the Word. Discussion. The Import of Ong’s Work. ONG’S LITERARY AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES. Introduction. Survey of Rhetoric, Romance, and Technology. Survey of Interfaces of the Word. Survey of Orality and Literacy. Discussion. Conclusion. ONG’S TWO CULMINATING PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES. Introduction. Survey of Fighting for Life. Discussion of Fighting for Life. Survey of Hopkins, the Self, and God. Discussion. A CONCLUDING ASSESSMENT. Ong’s Account of Cultural and Religious History. Teaching and Learning from Deep Thinkers. Afterword. Notes. Bibliography. Index.

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