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Expanding Visions of Creative Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary Investigation

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Code: 978-1-57273-935-2

Title: Expanding Visions of Creative Intelligence
Sub-title: An Interdisciplinary Investigation
Author(s): Don Ambrose
Publish Date: 2009
Pages: 376
Format: Cloth
Take a trip through the thinking of great minds from the past and present.This interdisciplinary book is a wide-ranging exploration of theories, research findings, and philosophical perspectives that can expand thinking about the nature of creative intelligence and the purposes of education. In an effort to expand and clarify the conceptual foundations for the fields of gifted education, general education, and creative studies, the book provides synopses of 87 groundbreaking insights from 29 academic fields and disciplines along with connections of these insights to creative intelligence. Each selection begins with an overview of an insight borrowed from a particular discipline. After the overview, the borrowed insight is cross-referenced with one or more other multidisciplinary concepts to illustrate the power of cross-disciplinary creative association. Finally, implications are drawn from the borrowed insight to suggest new ways of thinking about giftedness, talent development, creativity, or intelligence.

Contents: SETTING THE STAGE FOR CREATIVE INTERDISCIPLINARY BORROWING. Introduction, A Model for Expansion of Creative Intelligence. MultiDISCIPLINARY INSIGHTS AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS FOR CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE. Societies and Belief Systems. Power, Dominance, and Governance.Large-Scale Thought Frameworks. Economics, Organizations, and Leadership. Morality and Ethics. Science, Philosophy of Science, and Investigating the World. Mind and Cognition. Big Problems and Huge Opportunities. METAPATTERNS IN THE CONNECTIONS. Future Directions for the Evolution of Creative Intelligence. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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