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Sourcing the News: Key Issues in Journalism—An Innovative Study of the Israeli Press (Zvi Reich)

Sourcing the News: Key Issues in Journalism—An Innovative Study of the Israeli Press (Zvi Reich)Quantity in Basket:none
Code: 978-1-57273-862-1

Title: Sourcing the News
Sub-title: Key Issues in Journalism—An Innovative Study of the Israeli Press
Author(s): Zvi Reich
Publish Date: April 2009
Pages: 244
Format: Cloth
This book illuminates the sometimes obscure processes through which the news is currently created, using unprecedentedly robust and comprehensive evidence. The innovative methodology of the face-to-face reconstruction interview, which was developed and implemented by the author, enables quantitative depiction of different aspects of news making. These processes could not be accessed systematically by traditional research methods, primarily because of source confidentiality and their covert, scattered, abstract, and evasive nature. Although the study focuses on the Israeli national press, it is aimed first and foremost at addressing key questions that continue to trouble communities of journalists, academics and journalism educators.

Contents: Foreword, Elihu Katz. INTRODUCTION: ALL CHANGE? A Period of Changes. The Newspapers. Growth of Newspapers. Book Structure. STUDYING SOURCE WORK AND NEWS WORK. Reporters as the Optimal Links in the News Chain. Reporters as Problematical Witnesses of their Own Work. Established Methods and News Work. Reconstruction Interviews. Course of the Interviews. Findings and Calculations. Conclusion. OBTAINING NEWS DATA AS A TWH-PHASE PROCESS. The Characteristics of News Phases. The Two-Phase Process and Literture. The Two-Phase Process and Journalistic Practice. Results. Conclusion. WHO INITIATES THE NEWS? Initiative and Reporter Source Relations. The Process Model. Technology as an Indicator for Initiative. Results. Conclusion: News Initiative and the Public Interest. THE SOURCES OF NEWS. The Number of Sources. Established Sources. Various Types of Sources. The Lure of Senior Sources. The Lure of Spokespersons. Conclusion. LEAKS: THE [AB]NORMAL DISCLOSURE. What Makes a Leak? The Methodological Dilemma. Results. Conclusion. NEW TECHNOLOGIES, OLD PRACTICES. Do Technologies Matter? Findings. The Journalistic “Specialization” of Technologies. Conclusion. DIFFERENT SPECIES OF REPORTERS. Format and News Work Practices. News Beats and Journalistic Work. The “Midi-Cultures”. Conclusion. CONCLUSION: STABILITY IN THE MIDST OF CHANGE. Stability and News Production. The Significance of News Practices. News Reporting and Efficiency. Epistemologies of News Reporting. Comparability and Representativeness. Three Required Steps. Appendixes. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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