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The Reach of Dialogue: Confirmation, Voice, and Community (Anderson, Cissna, Arnett)

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Title: The Reach of Dialogue
Sub-title: Confirmation, Voice, and Community
Editor(s): Rob Anderson, Ken Cissna and Ronald C. Arnett
Publish Date: 1994
Pages: 352
Format: Paper
This volume is a serious attempt to define the concept of dialogue and to indicate some basic sources--philosophical, theoretical and practical--that can illuminate dialogue's potential, its limitations, and relevancy to communication theory. Although scholarly in intent and scope, the volume collects and integrates readings that presume no prior expertise in philosophical or social science concepts. In addition to the readings, three original conceptual chapters relating dialogic concepts to interpersonal communication, mass communication, and ongoing communication issues of ethical and social concern are included as are brief linking essays highlighting central questions and issues.

Contents: Foreword, John Stewart. About the Editors and Contributors. Introduction. INVITATION TO DIALOGUE. Communication and the Ground of Dialogue, Kenneth N. Cissna and Rob Anderson. Dialogue's Ground: On the Life of Dialogue, Abraham Kaplan. Visions of Maturity, Carol Gilligan. Dialogue's Limits: Techniques, Technicians and Philosophy, William Barratt. Monopolizing the Conversation: On Being Civilly Egocentric, Charles Derber. Dialogue's Confirmation: Confirmation and Disconfirmation, R.D. Laing. The Partnership of Existence, Maurice Friedman. THE ARENA OF DIALOGUE. Anonymity, Presence, and the Dialogical Self in a Technological Culture, Rob Anderson. The Relational Region: The Language of Mutuality: Language as the Medium of Hermeneutical Experience, Hans-Georg Gadamer. Seeing and Hearing: Prolegomena, Jacques Ellul. The Necessity and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change, Carl R. Rogers. The Technological Region: Contexts of Mediation: The Separation of Social Place From Physical Space, Joshua Meyrowitz. Mediated Interpersonal Communication: Toward a New Typology, Gary Gumpert. A Case: Public Moral Argument, Walter R. Fisher. The Self Region: Voices at the Boundary: Autobiography, Style, and Dialogic Authenticity: The Detective's Mystery as Mystery of Self, H.L. Goodall, Jr. The Polyphony of Experience, Don Ihde. The Outer World and Inner Speech: Bakhtin, Vygotsky, and the Internationalization of Language, Caryl Emerson. THE TRUST OF DIALOGUE. Existential Homelessness: A Contemporary Case for Dialogue, Ronald C. Arnett. Friendship and Intimacy: Love and Need: Is Love a Package or a Message? Thomas Merton. Real Talk, Silence and Conflict, Mary Field Belenky, Blythe McVicker Clincy, Nancy Rule Goldberger and Jill Mattuck Tarule. Ethics: The Virtues, the Unity of a Human Life and the Concept of a Tradition, Alasdair MacIntyre. The Fundamental Nature of Caring, Nel Noddings. Ethics, Charles T. Brown and Paul W. Keller. Community: Character, Narrative and Growth, Stanley Hauerwas. There is No True World that is Not at the Same Time a Praxis, Paulo Freire. Genuine Dialogue and the Possibilities of Peace, Martin Buber. Author Index. Subject Index.

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