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Practicing Research in Writing Studies: Reflexive and Ethically Responsible Research

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Title: Practicing Research in Writing Studies
Sub-title: Reflexive and Ethically Responsible Research
Editor(s): Katrina M. Powell and Pamela Takayoshi
Publish Date: July 2012
Pages: 440
Format: Cloth
Research practices are shaped by and responsive to context. Contemporary research methodologists have increasingly called on researchers to be explicitly and systematically reflexive about their practices. As writing researchers have begun untangling the complexities of ethical research practice, new practices have developed and new issues have arisen. This volume contributes to the continuing examination and development of ethically responsible, self-reflexive, and systematic research on writing. With a look toward the ways diffractive methodology and inform our self-reflexivity, this volume highlights particular ways of looking back and forward, as ways to complicate our practices in the moment.

Contents: Foreword, Ruth Ray. Introduction: Revealing Methodology, Katrina M. Powell and Pamela Takayoshi. PART I: THEORIES OF RESEARCH. A Modest Proposal for Common Ground and Language for Research in Writing, Michael M. Williamson and Brian Huot. Ethics from Praxis, Ellen Barton and Richard Marback. A Grounded Theory Approach for Studying Writing and Literacy, Kerrie R. H. Farkas and Christina Haas. The Construction of Research Problems and Methods, Pamela Takayoshi, Elizabeth Tomlinson, and Jennifer Castillo. Materializing the Material as a Progressive Method and Methodology, Eileen E. Schell. PART II: RESEARCH AND INSTITUTIONAL PRACTICES. Practicing Socially Progressive Research: Implications for Research and Practice, Sharon James McGee. Disability Studies Methodology: Explaining Ourselves to Ourselves, Margaret Price. Critical Validity Inquiry, Jeffrey W. Perry. Critical Pedagogy as Inquiry: Challenging Programmatic and Institutional Traditions, Kelly Belanger and April Heaney. Archive This! Queering the Archive, K. J. Rawson. Identifying Choices: Rhetorical Tactics in a Prison Arts Program, Wendy Wolters Hinshaw. REFLEXIVE/DIFFRACTIVE RESEARCH PRACTICES. Composing Activist Research, Stuart Blythe. Discourses of Preservation: The Gullah Community and Rhetorical Construction, Annette Harris Powell. Considering Confidentiality in Research Design: Developing Heuristics to Chart the Un-chartable, Christa B. Teston. Troubling Research: A Field Journey through Methodological Decision Making, Gloria E. Jacobs. An Experiential Approach to Literacy Studies, Gwen Gorzelsky. Narrative as Method and Methodology in Socially Progressive Research, Joanne Addison. Transnational Literate Lives: An Emerging Research Methodology for a Globalized World, Cynthia L. Selfe and Gail E. Hawisher. Epilogue: The Challenges of Conducting Ethically Responsible Research, Gesa E. Kirsch. Author Index. Subject Index.

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