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Women in Higher Education: The Fight for Equity (Marian Meyers, with Diana Rios)

Women in Higher Education: The Fight for Equity (Marian Meyers, with Diana Rios)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Women in Higher Education
Sub-title: The Fight for Equity
Editor(s): Marian Meyers, with Diana Rios
Publish Date: December 2011
Pages: 278
Format: Paper
For the past 40 years women in the academy have been working to achieve equality with their male colleagues in the areas of hiring, salary, promotion, tenure, and alloted resources. Yet, research indicates that in many ways, academia has been resistant to change, instead maintaining policies, practices, and procedures that preserve the privileges of White, male faculty while undermining those aimed at fostering equality.

The book provides evidence of ongoing discrimination in the work lives of women graduate students and faculty. The chapters draw on theory, research, and personal narrative to illustrate, theorize, and explore the “chilly climate” that academic women face, as well as to offer alternatives for creating a more inclusive, fair, and just academy for everyone. The book pays particular attention to the ways that gender intersects with ethnicity, race, class, sexuality, and other aspects of self—including whether academic women are mothers and/or feminists—and the effects of this intersectionality on their experiences and careers in higher education.

Contents: PART I: SEEKING EQUITY FOR WOMEN. Women in Higher Education: The Long, Hard Road to Equality, Marian Meyers. Feminist Thought for Advancing Women in the Academy, Kim Golombisky. PART II: THEORIZING THE SELF. Gender, Critical Scholarship, and the Politics of Tenure and Promotion, Carolyn M. Byerly. Contested Playgrounds: E-mail Harassment in the Academy, Martha Hagan. The Academy as Masculine Speech Community: A Feminist Analysis and Autoethnography, Marian Meyers. PART III: SURVIVING AS WOMEN OF COLOR. A Southwest Chicana in the Connecticut Yankee Realm: A Cross-Cultural Feminist Critique on Gender, Ethnic, and Racial Inequities in Higher Education, Diana I. Rios. The Value of a Multidimensional Lens: A Puerto Rican Professor Negotiates Academic Systems of Power, Catherine K. Medina. Balancing Womanhood, Blackness, and the Books: African American Women in Graduate School, Kristin N.P. Marie Evans and Chandra D.L. Waring. PART IV: MAKING THE GRADE. “I’ll Do What I Have to Do and Get Through It”: On Being a Working-Class, Female Graduate Student, Melissa Miller. The Intersection of Race and Gender: Experiences of Asian American Female Graduate Students within Higher Education, Eileen Wang. PART V: FINDING POSSIBILITIES. Joining the Chorus: Work-Life Balancing in Academe for Women and Men, Maike Ingrid Philipsen. Hard-Learned Lessons: The Need to Re-examine Traditional Approaches to Mentoring Academic Women in the Early Stages of Their Careers, Maria Raicheva-Stover and Elza Ibroscheva. The Status of Faculty Women Reports Documenting Gender Health in American Universities, Monica Gaughan and Xuhong Su. Author Index. Subject Index.

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