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Serbian Spaces of Identity: Narratives of Belonging by the Last “Yugo” Generation (Zala Volcic)

Serbian Spaces of Identity: Narratives of Belonging by the Last “Yugo” Generation (Zala Volcic)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Serbian Spaces of Identity
Sub-title: Narratives of Belonging by the Last “Yugo” Generation
Author(s): Zala Volcic
Publish Date: March 2011
Pages: 192
Format: Cloth
Yugoslavia may be done, but it lives on in the memory of its last generation, along with the potent mix of nationalisms, globalization, and historical tensions that helped dissolve it. If the dissolution of Yugoslavia has taught us anything, it is that nationalism and globalization are not mutually exclusive. Drawing on the recollections of key figures among the last Serbian generation to grow up Yugoslav, this book explores the transition from socialism to capitalism, from the dream of pan-Slavic working class identity to the contentious capitalist reality that gave us the word “Balkanization”. This book paints the portrait of the ruling generation and its ambivalent attitudes toward both the socialist past and the capitalist, Western-oriented present. In so doing, it also explores the emerging phenomenon of Yugo-nostalgia—the way in which the socialist past is re-created for a consumption-oriented present as one more marketing gimmick.

Although focused on the case of Serbia and the troubled Milosevic era, it speaks to the broader theme of the fate of nationalism and national identity in an era of capitalist globalization. It also troubles the notion of modernization as a unified and unifying process by unfolding the complex mix of tradition and novelty, cosmopolitan aspiration, and historical identification that characterize not only the former Yugoslavia, but the process whereby nations are incorporated into the global market economy. Through the exploration of a particular case, the book explores the landscape of hopes and misgivings that characterize the post-Cold-War era.

Contents: INTRODUCTION: NARRATIVE THE SERBIAN NATION AND ITS LAST “YUGO” GENERATION. Personal Introduction. Is the Past a Lost Country? Concetualizing Nationalism and Public Sphere. Generational Landscapes of Memory and Living. Why Do this Research. General Purpose and Methodological Frameworks. The Organization of the Book. FROM YUGO-UTOPIA TO SERBIAN IDENTITY. Introduction. The Historical Idea of the Former Yugoslav Identity. A Nationalistic Turn: Towards the Serbian Nationalist Imaginary. The 1990s as Generally Remembered. Conclusions. THE NOTION OF THE “WEST” IN THE SERBIAN NATIONAL IMAGINARY. Introduction. The Western “Othering” of the Serbs—The Balkans: The Dark Side of Europe. Serbian “Othering” of the West. Conclusions. “THEY ARE ALL ANTI-WAR PROFITEERS!”: CONTESTING CIVIL SOCIETY LANDSCAPES IN SERBIA. Introduction. The Idea of Civil Society. Serbian Discourses and Civil Society. Conclusions. THE MASS MEDIA: “THOSE MACHINES THAT CREATED SERBIAN NATIONALISM . . .” Introduction. Media Systems in the Former Yugoslavia and Serbia. “Blaming the Media” Discourse. Towards Media Education. Conclusions. CONCLUSIONS: SERBIA REIMAGINED: NEWS NATIONALISMS AND IDENTITIES. Welcome to the Milosevic Show. The Contradictions and Paradoxes Continue . . . Postconflict Reconciliation. New Rhetorics of Serbian Nationalism. Towards Future Research: Some Suggestions. Endnotes. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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