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Media, Politics, and Asian Americans (H. Denis Wu, Tien Tsung-Lee)

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Title: Media, Politics, and Asian Americans
Author(s): H. Denis Wu and Tien Tsung-Lee
Publish Date: May 2009
Pages: 164
Format: Paper
Although there are books about Asian Americans and media or politics, there is likely the first and only in-depth investigation into both media and political issues facing this racial minority.

Using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, this book examines racial attitudes toward Asian Americans, their media habits, how Asian American politicians are covered in the news media, and what election candidates and their campaign staffs think about their treatment by the press.

Contents: INTRODUCTION. Issues Behind a True Story. Why We Wrote This Book. Structure of this Book. MASS MEDIA AND PUBLIC ATTITUDES TOWARD ASIAN AMERICANS. Asian Americans in the Media. Media Usage and Effects on Attitudes. Public Attitudes toward Asian Americans. Races and Ethnicities in Research of Media Use. Differences in Media Usage Across Racial Groups. Hypothesis and Research Questions. Method. Findings. Sample Sizes of Racial Groups. Conclusion and Discussion. NEWS COVERAGE OF ASIAN AMERICAN CANDIDATES 1993-2003: A QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS. Campaign Coverage. Factors Behind News Coverage. Media Coverage of Minorities. Media Coverage of Minority Candidates. Fairness, Balance, and General Quality. Research Questions. Method. Findings. RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN ASIAN AMERICAN STAFF AND ASIAN AMERICAN COVERAGE IN U.S. NEWSPAPERS (H. Denis Wu and Ralph Izard). Review of Literature. Method. Findings. Conclusion. CONSTRUCTING ASIAN AMERICANS AS ALIENS AND OUTSIDERS: A QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS OF NEWSPAPER COVERAGE OF ELECTION CAMPAIGNS. Framing in the News. Reasons Behind Negative Frames. Racial Stereotypes and Ideologies in Society and the News. Data. Findings. Conclusion. VIEWS FROM THE CAMPAIGNS: INTERVIEWS WITH THE VETERANS INVOLVED IN THE RACES. Race Factor. Media Relations. Funding. Context. Limitations. PERCEPTION OF CANDIDATES’ ELECTABILITY: EXAMINING THE IMPACT OF GENDER AND RACE. Attitudes toward Race and Gender in the United States. Communication Theories and Racial and Gender Attitudes. Method. Results. Conclusion and Discussion. CLOSING THOUGHTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Closing Thoughts and Predictions. Recommendations for Asian American Office Seekers. Recommendations for the News Media. The Big “Why” and a Brighter Future. Author Index. Subject Index.

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