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Views from the Fairway: Media Explorations of Identity in Golf (Heather Hundley and Andrew C. Billin

Views from the Fairway: Media Explorations of Identity in Golf (Heather Hundley and Andrew C. BillinQuantity in Basket:none
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Title: Views from the Fairway
Sub-title: Media Explorations of Identity in Golf
Author(s): Heather Hundley and Andrew C. Billings
Publish Date: July 2010
Pages: 138
Format: Paper
The game of golf is full of contradiction. Exclusive policies pervade, yet a wide swath of demographic groups participate. Social-oriented foursomes are common, yet the game remains solemn and focused on the individual. Avid golfers are known to spend many hours discussing how much they hate the game in all its maddening embodiments.

In a similar vein, this book is also about contractions. How does one resolve how media coverage and commentary veers in different directions based on issues such as gender, nationality, and ethnicity? How does one negotiate a sense of identity in a sporting environment that can be seen as stifling diversity?

Through a series of specific case studies ranging from Tiger Woods to the now-defunct Golf for Women magazine, this book explores the eccentricities embedded in media discourses surrounding golf, shedding light on a sport that millions play, millions, watch, and yet millions more struggle to understand.

Contents: INTRODUCTION. Golf and Identity: A Timeline. Golf and Class.Golf, Identity, and Culture. PINK BOWS, FASHION SHOWS, AND NAME CHANGES: THE MARKETING OF THE “NEW” LPGA TOUR. “Otherness” as Theory: LPGA at the Margins. The LPGA Marketing “Problem”. PORTRAYING TIGER WOODS: CHARACTERIZATIONS OF A “BLACK ATHLETE” IN A “WHITE” SPORT. Racial Dialogic Difference(s) in Sports Media. Research Questions. Method. Results. Discussion. GOLFING WITH GIRLS AND AUGUSTA NATIONAL: AN EXAMINATION OF FAILED PERSUASIVE STRATEGIES. Public Versus Private Space. Audience Analysis. Pressuring the Undistributed Middle. Conclusion. JUSTIFYING A BLOWOUT: MEDIA RATIONALIZATIONS OF GOLF’S RYDER CUP AND THE RESORATION OF THE “AMERICAN IMAGE”. Related Literature. Method. Results. Discussion. SELLING IDENTITY: A FEMINIST ANALYSIS OF GOLF FOR WOMEN. Narrowcasting and Women’s Magazines. Feminist Rhetorical Criticism and Theory. Who Are Women Golfers?: Mediated Constructions of Identity. Conclusion. Discussion. SUSTAINING, REGULATING, AND ENFORCING IDENTITY: FEMALE AMATEURS’ EXPERIENCES IN RECREATIONAL GOLF. Other Mediated Forms of Constructing Identity. Conversations about Everyday Play. “He Can Be Really Frustrating”: Male Influence on Female Golfers. “She Used to be Fun Before She Started Playing with Leagues”: Male and Female Competitiveness. “They Don’t Think They’re Slow”: Universalizing Identities Through Perceptions and Stereotypes. “They’re Not Going to Look That Good in a Spaghetti Strap”: Generational Differences Communicating Etiquette and Preserving Social Status. Negotiating Golf Ideology: Privilege and Identity. References. Author Index. Subject Index

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