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Lingua Fracta: What We Teach When We Teach About Literacy (Collin Gifford Brooke)

Lingua Fracta: What We Teach When We Teach About Literacy (Collin Gifford Brooke)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Lingua Fracta
Sub-title: What We Teach When We Teach About Literacy
Author(s): Collin Gifford Brooke
Publish Date: June 2009
Pages: 246
Format: Cloth
This book begins from the assumption that there is an intrinsically technological dimension to rhetoric, arguing that we have become so accustomed to practicing rhetoric in the context of print technologies that we have often naturalized or ignored that dimension. New communication and information technologies do not simply provide us with new sites of rhetorical practice; instead they challenge us to reconceive rhetoric altogether. This groundbreaking volume argues that a rhetoric of new media should attend to “ecologies of practice,” treating interfaced rather than texts as our sites and units of analysis.

To devise such a rhetoric, the books offers a systematic reconsideration of the canons of classical rhetoric. Rather than understanding the canons as stages in a linear composing process, this book describes the canons as repertoires of multiple practices that shift as we move among media. Drawing on examples that range from Wikipedia to World of Warcraft, the book reconstitutes the canons, restoring to them the vitality they held for ancient rhetoricians and reshaping them into a framework for understanding the technological developments facing future generations.

Contents: INTRODUCTION. In (New) Media Res, a Preface. Lingua Fracta? INTERFACE. New New Criticism. Remediation. From Text to Interface. Notes. ECOLOGY. The Rhetorical Canons. Reframing the Canons as Ecology. Classical Rhetoric 2.0. Trackbacks as an Ecology of Practice. Notes. PROAIRESIS. A Disciplinary Ecology of Invention. The Death of the Hypertext Author. Hermeneutic and Proairetic Invention. Virtual(ized) Authorship. Proairesis: Inv-engines. Notes. PATTERN. From Sequence to Pattern. Databases, Data Mining. Personal Patterns: Mapping and Mining. Notes. PERSPECTIVE. Understanding (Visual) Rhetoric. The Emergence of Perspective. An Old Perspective on Metaphor. Literacies of Style? Interfacial Perspectives. Notes. PERSISTENCE. Memory as Presence/Absence. Memory as Pattern/Randomness. Persistence of Cognition. Presence and Persistence in New Media. Notes. PERFORMANCE. Delivery as Circulation, Medium. To Deliver: An Intransitive Canon? Delivery as Performance. Notes. DISCOURSE EX MACHINA, A CODA. What’s With the Letter P? Is the Interface/Object Distinction That Crucial? What About All the Social Factors That Affect Technology? What Else Is Missing? What Exactly Is It That This Book Does Do Again? Bibliography. Author Index. Subject Index

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