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Communication for Social Impact: Engaging Theory, Research and Pedagogy (Harter, Dutta, Cole)

Communication for Social Impact: Engaging Theory, Research and Pedagogy (Harter, Dutta, Cole)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Communication for Social Impact
Sub-title: Engaging Theory, Research and Pedagogy
Editor(s): Lynn M. Harter, Mohan J. Dutta and Courtney E. Cole
Publish Date: April 2009
Pages: 244
Format: Paper
This edited collection provides a forum for communication scholars whose efforts are directed toward social change. Originating from theme sessions at the 2008 convention of the International Communication Association (ICA), this volume engages communication theory to enlarge communication practices. Chapters address perennial issues of interest to communication scholars as experienced in contemporary terrains: How can scholarship weave its way more fully into the lives of people residing outside of the academy? What counts as social impact? What are the epistemological and ontological debates that play out in the realm of communication scholarship that seeks to redress lived inequities? What ethical demands accompany scholarship and activism in international landscapes characterized by globalization, neo-colonialism, and rapid technological shifts?

Each chapter makes a distinctive contribution to communication theory and practice. Collectively, contributors’ work reveals the eclectic nature of theoretical and methodological work pursued by communication scholars and practitioners, and focuses on meaning-making as it evolves, changes, adapts, and is sustained in conversation, mediated communication, distributed organizing, and other venues. This collection seeks to foster edifying dialogue about social injustices, and move people to meaningful reflection and action.

Contents: Preface, Patrice Buzzanell. Introduction: Communicating for Social Impact in International Landscapes, Mohan J. Dutta and Lynn M. Harter. Leading Communication Associations for Social Impact, Patrice Buzzanell, Betsy Bach, Dawn Braithwaite, Linda Putnam, and Charles Self. The Trickster Narrates the Balance of Health, Arthur Frank. The Poetic is Political…and Other Notes on Engaged Scholarship, Lynn M. Harter, Laura Ellingson, Mohan J. Dutta, and Stephanie Norander. 21st Century STEM Careers: Communication Perspectives and Research Opportunities, Linda L. Putnam, Lorraine G. Kisselburgh, Brenda L. Berkelaar, Patrice M. Buzzanell, Maria Mastronardi, Michele H. Jackson, Kimberly Stoltzfus, Jane Jorgenson, and June Wang. “Exploring the Basement of Social Justice Issues”: A Graduate Upon Graduation, Erika L. Kirby, Sarah Bonewits Feldner, Jay Leighter, M. Chad McBride, Bren Ortega Murphy, Stacy Tye-Williams, and Lynn H. Turner. Aesthetic Projects Engaging Inequities: Documentary Film For Social Change, Courtney E. Cole, Margaret Quinlan, and Casey Hayward/ Narratives of Corporate Change: Public Participation Through Environmental Health Activism, Stakeholder Dialogue, and Regulation, Heather Zoller. Researching Post-Violent Conflict: The Emotional Challenges Faced by Researchers Concerned with Social Change and Community Building, Rudi Sukandar, Endah Agustiana, and Claudia L. Hale. Communicating for Impact on Ethnic Conflicts Around the World, Rosita Daskal Albert. Sustainability of ICT Interventions: Lessons from Rural Projects in China and India, Arul Chib and Jinqiu Zhao. Building the Case for Change: Reflections on Knowledge Practices of Media Reform and Media Justice Movements in the United States, Seeta Peña Gangadharan. When Counting Counts: Marrying Advocacy and Academics in the Media Ownership Research Wars at the FCC, Mark Cooper. Communicating about Homelessness: Using Experiential Learning to Change Attitudes and Perceptions, Gina G. Barker, Terri Lynn Cornwell, and Sarah G. Neff. Author Index. Subject Index.

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