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Nonprofit Organizations: Creating Membership through Communication (Trudy Milburn)

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Title: Nonprofit Organizations
Sub-title: Creating Membership through Communication
Author(s): Trudy Milburn
Publish Date: February 2009
Pages: 148
Format: Cloth
In this book, the author takes an in-depth look at the way people collaborate to provide services for two specific groups: Puerto Ricans and families. By observing and participating within the organizations, Milburn discovered how conversations and written discourse were used to establish and sustain both the vibrancy of the organizations and individual’s sense of what is means to be a member of a voluntary nonprofit. The author skillfully blends ethnography of communication, membership categorization analysis, and ethnomethodology to explore typical organizational issues (such as negotiation and change) that occur in common business contexts like meetings and special events. This study reveals how unpaid participants’ communication shapes a nonprofit organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and serve its members.

Contents: Preface. Nonprofit Statistics. Volunteering. Composition of Nonprofits. Why Nonprofits? Nonprofits as Settings. INTRODUCTION. Communication Perspective. Ethnography of Communication. Membership Categorization Analysis. Ethnomethodology. Combined Approaches. Culture in MCA, EC and Organizational Communication. Data Collection. Organizational Settings. Nuanced Memberships. BECOMING A PARTICIPANT/BECOMING A MEMBER. Membership Labels, Address and Reference. Distinguishing Members. Addressing Individual Members. Introductions. Initial Membership Categories. MEMBERSHIP IN A COMMUNITY CONTEXT. PRC’s Annual Dinner Dance. Community as Metaphor. Community Actions. Family Center Gala Anniversary Event. Location of Community. Community Struggles to Serve. Community History. Discussion. MAINTAINING MEMBERSHIP THROUGH MEETINGS. Meeting Sequences and Norms. Meetings as Mundane. FC Decision Making. Valid Premises for Making Decisions. Outcomes of Decisions: Votes. Discussion. Summary. ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE. Strategic Change. Retreat. Long Term Planning. Terminating Membership/Ceasing to Participate. Terminating Membership. Situational Frame. What Change is Represented in This Account?. Summary. INSCRIBING THE ORGANIZATION: DOCUMENTS STRUCTURE ACTIONS. The Use of Agendas. Minutes are Referenced. Family Center Minutes. Puerto Rican Center Minutes. Secretaries Take Minutes. Questioning the Secretary’s Role. Inscribing Conclusions. CONCLUSIONS: ORGANIZATION, COMMUNICATION AND MEMBERSHIP. Implications for being a Member. Members Organize. Things Members Do. Members Communicate. Members Create Community. Members Create Nonprofits. Methodological Implications. Boarding “ Pass ” . Why Continue to Study Nonprofits? Afterword. Notes. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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