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Socially Constructing Communication (Gloria J. Galanes and Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz)

Socially Constructing Communication (Gloria J. Galanes and Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Socially Constructing Communication
Editor(s): Gloria J. Galanes and Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
Publish Date: June 2009
Pages: 352
Format: Paper
The idea for this book originated at NCA’s Summer Institute “Catching Ourselves in the Act: A Collaborative Planning Session to Enrich our Discipline through Social Constructionist Approaches.” The conference provided the opportunity to interact with like-minded others to discuss how social construction approaches influence, or should influence, our work. Another goal for the conference and for this book is to promote social construction approaches within the discipline. We need to look forward by focusing on how the social construction perspective transforms our own work. When we teach, how can we best clarify the social construction principles we believe in, and how can we convey the passion we feel for this approach? How can we insure that our research practices are faithful to constructionist principles? What practices can we, or must we, adopt to remain faithful to these principles. Together, the chapters in this volume address such questions with the intention of helping us take the next step forward. This book extends the conversation about social constructionism approaches and invites others to participate in that conversation.

Contents: Communication as Social Construction: Catching Ourselves in the Act, Gloria J. Galanes and Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz. OVERVIEW. Creating Opportunities for Social Construction: The Albuquerque NCA Summer Institute, Shawn Spano, Karen A. Foss, and Kris Kirschbaum. Communication and Social Construction: Claiming Our Birthright, W. Barnett Pearce. Social Construction Without Dualism: Repairing the Ruptures and Making Connections, Vernon E. Cronen. A RECONNAISSANCE OF SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION IN THE DISCIPLINE. Social Construction: Moving From Theory to Research (and Back Again), Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz. Social Construction Approaches: Programs, Courses, Pedagogical Exercises, Gloria J. Galanes. Social Construction in Applied Communication, Kenneth N. Cissna. Exploring the Role of Communication in Transforming Conflict Situations: A Social Construction Approach, Linda L. Putnam. REFLECTION ON THE 2006 CONFERENCE. Reflections and Recommendations from the Conference, John Stewart. Tracing Our Steps through Communication Social Construction: Six Propositions for How to Go On, Mariaelena Bartesaghi and Theresa Castor. Social Constructing the Communication Theory Classroom: A Case Study, Isabelle Bauman. Basics of Social Construction Research, J. Kevin Barge. Reclaiming Democracy: Contributions from a Communication Perspective, Kimberly A. Pearce and W. Barnett Pearce. Constructing a Division, Brenda Allen, Jay Baglia, and Karen Zediker. Author Index. Subject Index.

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