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Down There and Up Here: Orientalism and Othering in Feature Stories (Elizabeth Eide)

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Title: Down There and Up Here
Sub-title: Orientalism and Othering in Feature Stories
Author(s): Elizabeth Eide
Publish Date: June 2011
Pages: 332
Format: Paper
This book is dedicated to the exploration of a specific subfield of journalism—reporting on the Other across real and perceived borders. It is meant to reveal some of the dilemmas and challenges involved in this kind of reporting, concentrating on the long-distance genre of the feature story (reportage); and to open some perspectives when it comes to historical change. It also suggests a methodology of analysis leaning on postcolonial theory, critical discourse analysis, and journalistic experiences. Last but not least, the author (and journalism educator) believes that journalism is not all predetermined by external societal forces, but constitutes a field in which a certain autonomy may be exercised—and where there is room for reflection and improvement.

The study places a large emphasis on the researcher dialoguing with a considerable textual material, but also on encounters with live reporters and some of their sources.

Contents: ORIENTALISM AND OTHERING: REPRESENTATION AND RELATIONS. A Beginning. “The West”. Orientalism and Critical Awareness. Who is Allowed to Represent? Others and Othering. Particularism (Parochialism) and Universalism Revealed. Challenges to Representation. APPROACHES TO TEXTUAL OTHERING: A HOUSE WITH FOUR ROOMS. A Multidisciplinary Approach. Discourse, Social Practice, and Power. Four Rooms. Who Speaks, Sees and Acts? And From Where? Different Reading Levels. Four Rooms—With Open Doors. Interviews and Interviewees. The Writer’s Self. INDIA SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE: THE INDIA CONSTRUCTED IN A-MAGISINET. Why India ? Swedish Travel Books. A-magasinet. The Analysis. Level 1: Empire, Crisis, Distress and Spirituality. Level 2: Othering Processes. Level 3: The Feature Stories. Level 4: Who is Allowed to Speak? Of What? Seeing the Other and Being Seen. Conclusion. DISCOURSES ON EUROPE ’S “INTERNAL OTHERS”: ETHNIC MINORITY REPRESENTATION IN FEATURE STORIES. Media and Minority Critiques. Here, There and Elsewhere. The Long Distance Genre. The Stories. Two Special Dilemmas. COLONIAL EXPLORERS LOOKING FOR DIFFERENCE? THE VOICES OF THE REPORTERS. Reporter Repertoire. Being Educated. Reporter Profiles. Dilemmas. From Nice to Nasty? A Shift of Focus. Preservation and Integration. Inside and Outside the “West”. Editorial Backing. Reciprocity. WHO WILL BE INTERNATINALIZED? TOWARD A MORE REFLEXIVE JOURNALISM? New Readings . Reportage and Survival. Appendixes. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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