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The Wonder Phone in the Land of Miracles: Mobile Telephony in Israel (Cohen, Lemish, Schejter)

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Title: The Wonder Phone in the Land of Miracles
Sub-title: Mobile Telephony in Israel
Author(s): Akiba Cohen, Dafna Lemish, and Amit Schejter
Publish Date: May 2008
Pages: 248
Format: Paper
Studies conducted over several years in Israel explored social aspects of the developing mobile phone phenomenon. Using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods the research examined the place that the "Wonder Phone" has been occupying in many facets of life. It was concluded that the mobile is "not only talk"--as a recent campaign slogan of one of Israel's mobile providers suggests. Rather, it is a medium through which Israelis define their gendered and national identities; it offers an experience of "being there" and a security net holding family members and loved ones together, especially in terms of terror and war; and it provides a lifeline during existential crises around which rituals of mourning are crystallized. In analyzing the mobile phone as it is contextualized in Israeli society, two opposing social forces can clearly be seen: on the one hand, the mobile is an expression of late modernity and globalization; but on the other hand it is recruited as a tool--as well as a symbol--for the expression of locality and patriotic sentiments.

Contents: Prologue. PART I--CONTEXT. THE RESEARCH PROGRAM. The History of the Mobile Phone and its Regulation in Israel. Uses of and Attitudes Toward the Mobile Phone. The Mobile Phone in Times of Terror and War. The Mobile Phone in the Family: Parents and Children Advertising for Mobile Phones. The Mobile Phone and Unique Populations. Two Vignettes. HISTORY, DIFFUSION AND UBIQUITY. The Historical Context. The Early (Monopoly) Years. The Introduction of Competition. Competition and Transition. Socioeconomic Gaps and Penetration. Recent History. Summary. POLICY AND REGULATION. The Issues. Mobile Phone Licensing Policy in Israel. Cellular Policy in Israel: Success or Failure? An Analysis from "Within". The Analysis From the "Outside". Postscript. PART II--USES, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR. Method. The Survey Data. The IVR Data. The Adoption Process. STICKING TOGETHER: PARENTS AND CHILDREN. The Mobile Phone and the Construction of Adulthood. THREE UNIQUE GROUPS: SOLDIERS, YESHIVA STUDENTS AND MIGRANT WORKERS. Soldiers. Yeshiva Students. Migrant Workers. PART III--TERROR. LIVING IN A STATE OF TERROR. Mobile Phones in Emergencies. Survey Findings Related to Terror. Mobile Phone Use During Wartime. THE AFTERMATH OF TERROR: EMERGENCY CARE. Methods. Findings. Technological Convergence of the Mobile Phone. Mixed Attitudes Toward the Mobile Phone. THE AFTERMATH OF TERROR: VICTIMS, WITNESSES AND THE MEDIA. Victims and Witnesses. Findings. Media Coverage of Attacks and Victims. Media Reporting During the War with Hezbollah in Lebanon. PART IV--IDENTITIES. CONSTRUCTING GENDER AND "ISRAELINESS". The Mobile Phone and the Construction of Gender. Mobile Phones and the Construction of "Israeliness". WHAT THE MOBILE PHONE SELLS: THEMES IN TELEVISION ADVERTISING. Themes of Universalism. Themes of Patriotism. Themes of Youth Culture. PART V--VIGNETTES. THE MOBILE PHONE IN THE LIVES OF PALESTINIAN-ISRAELI YOUNG WOMEN, Hiyam Hijazi-Omari and Rivka Ribak. Method. Tradition and the Digital Romance. Domesticating the Mobile Phone. THE END OF MALE FRATERNITY? THE MOBILE PHONE AND RESERVE MILITARY DUTY, David Levin. The Study. The Case Study of Aki. Concluding Remarks. Epilogue. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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