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Composing Other Spaces (Douglas Reichert Powell, John Paul Tassoni)

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Title: Composing Other Spaces
Editor(s): Douglas Reichert Powell and John Paul Tassoni
Publish Date: October 2008
Pages: 272
Format: Cloth
Composing Other Spaces offers deep descriptions of composition theory and practice, documenting ways the politics of place inflect key concepts in the field and exploring the intersections among composition’s real and imagined geographies.

Contributions to this volume write come from across America, from regional institutions and open-admissions branch campuses and “flagship” public universities. These essays take place in traditional classrooms and writing studios, dormitories, “smart classrooms,” country diners, cemeteries, creek banks, and stairwells. And they examine complicated spaces of race, disability, class, and gender, dystopia and utopia, to name a few.

How do these places and spaces shape or constrain the conflicts, challenges, and opportunities of this work? What new tactics for writing and the teaching of writing are required to adequately account for and engage with the complexities of composition’s spaces and places?

Contents: Introduction: “Heterotopian Vistas”, Douglas Reichert Powell and John Paul Tassoni. TEACHING PLACE. Prairies and Potential Spaces: Placing Experience within Rural Landscapes, Kevin Ball. On Location in Hawai’i: The Hapa Experience and Relational Authority in the Writing Classroom, Daphne Desser. Not What But Where the Stakes Are, Laurie Glover. Reflections on “Writing City Life”: Theory and Place of a Place-Based Pedagogy, Deborah Mutnick. PLACES TEACHING. Composition and Felt Geographies, Danny Meyer and Keith Woodward. Mapping Composition: Inviting Disability in the Front Door, Jay Dolmage. Commuting Genre: First-Year Composition through a Post-Suburban Lens, Ed Nagelhout. COMPOSING NEW SPACES. Inside, Outside, Alongside: Geographies of a Writing Workshop, Chris Fosen. Situating a University Writing Center in a Living-Learning Environment, Brad Peters. A Place of Our Own: Spaces and Materials for Composing in the New Century, Kathleen Blake Yancey. UTOPIAN/DYSTOPIAN SPACES. Multitopia: Composing at the Edge of the Map, Derek Owens. Works Cited. Author Index. Subject Index.

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