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Because We Live Here: Sponsoring Literacy Beyond the College Curriculum (Eli Goldblatt)

Because We Live Here: Sponsoring Literacy Beyond the College Curriculum (Eli Goldblatt)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Because We Live Here
Sub-title: Sponsoring Literacy Beyond the College Curriculum
Awards or Commendations: Winner of the 2008 WPA Best Book Award
Author(s): Eli Goldblatt
Publish Date: September 2007
Pages: 240
Format: Cloth
"This is a beautifully written study, with a narrative quality that will keep readers turning the pages. Better yet, there's something here for everyone--from high school teachers and administrators to college writing program teachers to community literacy groups."
~Andrea Lunsford and Beverly Moss

"I love this book ... It is written in a style to reach a wide audience--not only the usual suspects in Composition, Education, Rhetoric and Literacy, but a larger public concerned about America, about democracy, about the possible relationships between disparate classes and neighborhoods, about the relations of universities and their resources to the communities around them."
~David Bartholomae

Because We Live Here offers a new vision of post-secondary writing programs using the example of the Temple University writing program in Philadelphia. In successive chapters on Temple's connections with schools, community colleges, and university-community partnerships, the author calls for literacy instruction embedded in mutual relationships among an array of institutions and across many levels. A more open architecture for writing programs emphasizes writing beyond the college curriculum not because Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) has failed but because it has succeeded: WAC must now take into account the inside and the outside, the classroom and the world.

The book will prove invaluable to writing and reading faculty in all settings, school and college administrators, students of composition/rhetoric and education, and organizers invested in the literacy of their communities.

Contents: Introduction. WRITING WITHIN, ACROSS, BEYOND. Plan of the Book. John Dewey and the Writing Program. Crowley's Attack on Service and Temple's Response. Situated Leadership and the New London Group. CONTINUITY AND CONTROL. An Overview of Regional Schools. First-Year GPA and Retention. Placement in Basic Writing. Visiting Schools. Two Schools. Conclusions. DEEP ALIGNMENT AND SPONSORSHIP. Vocation and its Discontents. Temple and Regional Community Colleges. Deep Alignment: Programs in Conversation. The First-Year Writing Assignment Project. What Does Sponsorship Tell Us About Alignment. ALINSKY'S REVEILLE. Saul Alinsky: A Community Organizing Model. The Open Door Collaborative. Literacy Sponsorship and Knowledge Activism. LUNCH. A Return to First Principles. Joint Sponsorship: What Grants Can Do to Breach the Walls. ON CIRCULATION. What Literacy Sponsorships Will Work Beyond the College Curriculum? How Do We Contribute to Our Home Institutions While Engaging Off-Campus Partners? Are These Efforts Worthwhile? Bibliography. Author Index. Subject Index.

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