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Communication, Comparative Cultures, and Civilizations Vol. 1 (Philip Dalton)

Communication, Comparative Cultures, and Civilizations Vol. 1 (Philip Dalton)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Communication, Comparative Cultures, and Civilizations Vol. 1
Sub-title: A Collection on Culture and Consciousness
Editor(s): Philip Dalton
Publish Date: September 2007
Pages: 184
Format: Paper
Communication, Comparative Cultures and Civilizations was conceived as a peer-reviewed publication outlet for rigorous research that addresses culture and civilization through a comparative lens. Rather than seeking research that is purely descriptive in nature, these edited volumes aim to include the finest scholarship that is directed specifically at the discussion, development and evaluation of grand cultural theory. The research explores cultural fusion, exchange, mixing, clashing and globalization. Essays include theoretically grounded studies that have implications for furthering theoretical claims and implications about cultures as interacting worldviews. The presentation of informed (factual) cases of cross-cultural and civilizational relationships includes historical, textual, artistic, economic, anthropological, and sociological data. Further, the volume aims to present field research that tests theory by studying phenomena as they are experienced: by going to the things themselves.

Contents: Historical Consciousness, Algis Mickunas. The Validity of Myth: Christian Resistance and Possibilities Arising From Peter Carnley's Integral Appreciation of the Resurrection story, Drew Hanlon. The Sublime Action, Alphonso Lingis. A Gebserian Analysis of Contemporary Political Discourse in the United States: An Integral Turn?, Philip Dalton. To Say You Have No Opinion is to Insult People: A Gebserian Analysis of Identity in Northern Ireland, S. David Zuckerman. Remembrance of Things Past: Panarchy, Penumbra, and the Passion, Rick Muller. Transparency and Communication: Dialogue in Financial Reporting and Media Communication, Michael Purdy. On the Sense of the Partial Fulfillment of Perspective: The Constitution of Reliable Order Out of Chaos, Eric Mark Kramer. Author Index. Subject Index.

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