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Diaspora, Identity and the Media: Diasporic Transnationalism and Mediated Spatialities (Georgiou)

Diaspora, Identity and the Media: Diasporic Transnationalism and Mediated Spatialities (Georgiou)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Diaspora, Identity and the Media
Sub-title: Diasporic Transnationalism and Mediated Spatialities
Author(s): Myria Georgiou
Publish Date: July 2006
Pages: 208
Affiliation: Leeds University ( UK )
Format: Paper
This publication offers a comprehensive and multispatial analysis of transnational life across the highly mediated worlds where diaspora is lived and imagined. In a detailed and stimulating discussion, the author unravels processes of diasporic identity construction in everyday life. Media consumption and communication technologies’ appropriation become increasingly important in the formation of shared identities for populations spread across the globe. In exploring the current trends and future outlooks of diaspora this book adopts a spatial approach and looks into the locations of diasporic life: the domestic, the public, the urban and the transnational space. This multifaceted method reveals the complexity and tension of connections and networks within the diaspora and beyond.

The book has two dimensions. It introduces the reader to the role of media in the construction of diasporic and migrant identities, while also revealing in empirical ways how this relation is actually initiated and sustained in everyday life and through complex spatial connections. The use of rich data collected in ethnographic research over two years unfolds the complex relation between identity and the media and indicates how media become significant agents for diaspora, identity and community. The research in London and New York City , the two ultimate global cities, offers a unique transnational and transatlantic contribution to the study of globalization, diaspora, media and identity.

Contents: Identity and New Spatialities. The Layers of Diasporic Space—The Layers of Identity. Construction. A Spatial Perspective. Media and Communication Practices. A Transatlantic Case Study. A Hybrid Imagined Community? Everyday Life: The Context of Diasporic Experience—The Context of Research. Focus on the Media. Methodology: Problematized Theory. The Ethnographic Perspective. Diasporic Identities: In Difference Lies Commonality. The Problematic Concept of Identity. Ethnicity and Diaspora. Diaspora and Transnationalism. The Context of Community: The Context for Negotiating Identity. Diasporic Particularity and Multiple Identities. Living in Media Culture: In Consumption Lies Identity. Media Consumption as a Relation. Media Consumption as Cultural Activity. Media Consumption as Negotiation of Audiencehood. Home, Homeliness and Mediation. Gazing into the Past—Imagining the Present. Present Continuous. Media Consumption and Moving In and Out of the Diasporic Context. Networks of Homes. The Public(s): Diasporic Constructions and Divisions. The Diasporic Public Space. The Construction of a Gendered Public: The Case of Two Community Centers. Global City and its Neglected Detail. Global City and the Neglected Nuances. Global City ’s Cultural Expressions and Diasporic Urban Everyday. Intercity Links. Diasporic Transnationalism. The Local, the Global and Transnational Meetings. The Popular: Transnationalism Beyond the Political. Media as a Transnational Public Sphere? Conclusions. Same Symbols—Different Meanings: Diaspora and Transnational Appropriation. Notes. Appendix. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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