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Composing Feminisms: How Feminists Have Shaped Composition Theories and Practices (Kay Siebler)

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Title: Composing Feminisms
Sub-title: How Feminists Have Shaped Composition Theories and Practices
Author(s): Kay Siebler
Publish Date: October 2007
Pages: 256
Format: Paper
This book offers an updated, precise and comprehensive definition of feminist pedagogy culled from over three decades of scholarship. The author's historical research spans across the curricula but also takes care to focus on the field of composition and how feminist theories of pedagogy have changed the field of writing instruction. It argues that feminist pedagogy has been the spring board for contemporary theories and practices of composition. In addition to the research on how feminist pedagogy has evolved and shapes composition, the author also conducts three ethnographic studies of prominent feminist scholars/teachers. These studies document how feminists have changed the field of composition and how individual academic feminists in composition and rhetoric negotiate and enact their feminisms.

Contents: INTRODUCTION. When and Where I Enter. TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT: WHEN RAPUNZEL ESCAPES THE TOWER AND RUNS AMUCK. The Power to Name. The Power of Pedagogy. From Whence Sprang Feminist Pedagogy. The Taxonomies of Teaching. From the Wellsprings of Feminism. Beginning to Name Feminist Pedagogical Practices, the 1980s. Contemporary Feminist Writing Pedagogy in the 1990s. A HISTORICAL REPRESENTATION OF FEMINIST PEDAGOGY: THE SIXTEEN THEMES DEFINING FEMINIST PEDAGOGY. Skeptics. The Process of Change. Interchapter on Research and Methodology. Besides Words. My Methodology. Contextualizing the Knowing Subject: Lynn Worsham. LYNN WORSHAM: COUNTING RIBS AND OTHER MEASURES OF STORY TRUTHS. Let Me Tell You a Story. Of the Rib-Counter Grown Up (Leadership as Pedagogy). Making Her Mark on the World/Words. With a Sharp Eye of Critique, Weaving Captivating Tales. She Shamelessly and Proudly Told. Without Apologies or Whispers, the Words After All That. Contextualizing the Knowing Subject: Harriet Malinowitz. HARRIET MALINOWITZ: THE WRITER-PASSION OF A FEMINIST DILETTANTE. A Sketch of the Feminist Mind at Work. Bringing Her Writer-Passion to the Non-Comp Classroom. Escaping the Tyranny of the Composition Canon. Researchy, Footnote-y, Fact Thingees. But is that Feminist? Shaping Critical Consciousness through Why/How. The Practical Father's Guide to Getting a License. All Roads Lead to Adrienne Rich. The Feminist Template. The Nature of a Dilettante. Addendum. Contextualizing the Knowing Subject: Jackie Jones Royster. JACKIE JONES ROYSTER: RADICAL PATHWAYS OF NERVE AND SASS. Pathways and Passages Forged, Obscured, Cleared and Re-cut. Sassy Defiance. A Critically Conscious Woman in a Defiant Woman. Sharing the Power and Training the Troops. The (In)Visible Race/Gender Divide. A Challenge Politely Ignored. The Bridge Between Feminist Nurturing and Mentoring. Afrafeminist, Black Feminist, Womanist. New Routes to Knowledge through Feminist Epistemology. THERE ARE NO CONCLUSIONS, ONLY NEW BEGINNINGS. Notes. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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