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Collaborating(,) Literature (,) and Composition (Frank Gaughan, Peter H. Khost)

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Title: Collaborating(,) Literature (,) and Composition
Sub-title: Essays for Teachers and Writers of English
Editor(s): Frank Gaughan and Peter H. Khost
Publish Date: March 2007
Pages: 212
Format: Paper
The disciplines of English and composition seem particularly prone to crisis-driven proclamations: our kids don't read the great works or they don't read at all or they can't write. Crisis talk notwithstanding, educators are left to theorize and practice ways to teach reading and writing with intelligence, compassion, and integrity. However, it often seems that theoretical formulations do not sufficiently explain their practicable applications; and practicable discussions too rarely rise above the level of swapping recipes--sharing assignments that work well in one context but may not in another.

Therefore, the editors of this volume submit this collection of essays that strives to harmonize the all-too-often discordant qualities of theory and practice. Each co-authored essay illustrates and analyzes various classroom-based strategies for productive collaboration between literature and composition. This collection envisons a reciprocal to composing literature--literaturing composition, which entails "living through" literature, as Louise Rosenblatt has it. This process regards the literary text as a medium for creative action, so that one reads not to criticize so much as to imagine new compositional possibilities. The eight essays in this collection are divided into four sections which span topics that include: textuality and critical pedagogy, argumentation and hybrid genres, student engagement and popular culture, and materiality and assessment.

Contents: Foreword: On Seeing Ourselves See Ourselves, Sondra Perl. Introduction: On Collaboration Without Ceasing, Frank Gaughan and Peter Khost. ON NOT TALKING LIKE A SECTION MAN. Reading and Writing the Academy: Playing with a New Compilatio, Jeanne Marie Rose and Sandy Feinstein. Reading, Writing, and Theorizing the Other: Pedagogies of Disruption in Composition, Patricia Angley and Adenike Davidson. ON DOING SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. Nothing Matters. Now What? Skywriting the Contact Zone, Frank Gaughan and Peter Khost. The Orphic Quest for Contact and Collaboration across Disciplinary Lines, Ian Maloney and Edward Wesley. ON FINDING SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN. Desire Matters: A Model of Textual Being, Heather Palmer and Ruth Summar. With a Little Help from Our Friends: Collaboration and Student Knowledge-Making in the Composition Classroom, Bob Lazaroff and David Hyman. ON PLAYING WITH VOICE. Love's Eyes and Dead as a Doornail: Metaphor's Power to Kill and Create, Lisa Eck and Ken Rumble. Blogs, Collaboration, and Assessment, Carl Whithaus, Kevin Eric DePew, Shan-estelle Brown, Elif Guler, Sonia Kralovcova, Carl Miffleton, Liz Schleeper, and Amanda Wroten. Author Index. Subject Index.

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