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Multimodal Composition: Resources for Teachers (Cynthia L. Selfe)

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Title: Multimodal Composition
Sub-title: Resources for Teachers
Editor(s): Cynthia L. Selfe
Publish Date: September 2007
Pages: 286
Format: Paper
NOTE: Book includes DVD

DVD Contents: Appendices 1-36. Sample Multimodal Compositions: Audio Essays and Visual Essays.

Over the last two decades, the emergence of new digital composing environments; the extended reach of global communications networks; and the increasing importance of texts that can cross linguistic, cultural, and geopolitical borders have converged to create major challenges for teachers of writing, composition instruction, and our basic understanding of rhetorical situations (authors, writers, texts). These challenges promise to be increasingly disruptive for teachers of English composition at both the secondary and collegiate levels--especially for those who understand composition assignments as calling primarily for alphabetic texts.

This book on multimodal composition is designed to help teachers of English composition expand the modalities on which they and their students draw, to go beyond the limits of texts that rely primarily on words, and to enjoy exploring the affordances--the special capacities--of video, image and sound. This book offers faculty practical help on creating multimodal assignments and working within digital composing environments. Teachers will find sample student essays (both audio and video); advice on intellectual property concerns; sample worksheets and forms; explanations of technical terms; and useful advice about hardware, software, and digital recording equipment.

Contents: Foreword, Bronwyn Williams. Thinking About Multimodality, Pamela Takayoshi and Cynthia L. Selfe. Words, Audio and Video: Composing and the Processes of Production, Cynthia L. Selfe, Stephanie Owen Fleischer, and Susan Wright. Composing Multimodal Assignments, Mickey Hess. Collaborating on Multimodal Projects, Anne-Marie Pederson and Carolyn Skinner. Thinking Rhetorically, Daniel Keller. Saving, Sharing, Citing, and Publishing Multimodal Texts, Iswari Pandey. Experimenting with Multimodality, John Branscum and Aaron Toscano. Responding and Assessing, Sonya C. Borton and Brian Huot. More About Reading, Responding and Revising: The Three Rs of Peer Review and Revision, Kara Poe Alexander. When Things Go Wrong, Sylvia Church and Elizabeth Powell. Making Connections with Writing Centers, Jo Anne Griffin. Sustaining Multimodal Composition, Richard J. Selfe. Learning and Teaching Digital Technologies, Marilyn M. Cooper. Afterword, Deborah Journet. Glossary: Technical Terms. Collected Resources. Index.

Appendices Contents: Sample Assignment #1--Audio Autobiography: Sound and Literacy. Sample Assignment #2--Video Biography: Literacy Practices and Values. Sample Assignment #3: Documentary as Creative Non-fiction. Sample Timeline. Interviewing. Interview Release Consent Form. Homemade Documentation. Technology Survey. Student Expertise Grid. Collaborative Project Log. Heuristic for Audio Essays. Planning Audio Essays. Planning Video Essays. Self Evaluation--Audio Essays. Group Evaluation--Video Essays. Collaboration Checklist. Bridging Alphabetic and Multimodal Composition. Rhetorically Powerful Images. Rhetorically Powerful Sounds. Rhetorically Powerful Camera Work. Discovering About Audio. Discovering About Video. Equipment Checkout Sheets. Class Equipment Schedule. Check-in and Check-out Procedures. Sources of Documentation on the Web. Web Sites for Audio and Video Genre Examples. Teacher's Progress-Assessment Journal. Student's Progress Journal. Media, Modalities, and Genres of Composing. Affordances of Modalities. Audio Checklist. Video Checklist. Audio-Editing Log. Video-Editing Log. Connecting Sound and Writing.

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