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Avoiding Communication: Shyness, Reticence, and Communication Apprehension 3/e (Ayres, Hopf, McCrosk

Avoiding Communication: Shyness, Reticence, and Communication Apprehension 3/e (Ayres, Hopf, McCroskQuantity in Basket:none
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Title: Avoiding Communication
Sub-title: Shyness, Reticence, and Communication Apprehension 3/e
Editor(s): Joe Ayres, Tim Hopf, James C. McCroskey, John Daly, Debbie M.A. Sonandre, and Tanichya K. Wongprasert
Publish Date: April 2009
Pages: 504
Format: Cloth
This new edition represents a summation of the extensive work that has been done on communication apprehension, shyness, reticence, and so forth. It is an invaluable introduction to the area for the novice and a “must have” reference book for serious scholars. Practitioners will find it useful for its detailed coverage of intervention tactics and their relative effectiveness. Those interested in understanding why they are fearful in communication situations will find the book’s explanations to be of considerable use. All in all, the book is a wonderful resource for anyone with an interest in phenomena that interfere with communication activities.

Contents: OVERVIEW. Contextualizing Communication Avoidance Research: Scope, Realm, and Paradigm, Mark Wadleigh. Correlates and Consequences of Social-Communicative Anxiety, John A. Daly, John Caughlin, and Laura Stafford. EXPLANATORY FRAMEWORKS. A Communibiological Perspectives on Communication Apprehension, Michael J. Beatty and James C. McCroskey. A Component Theory of Communication Apprehension: Nervous System Sensitivity, Motivation, Negative Evaluation, and Communication Competence as Predictors of State Communication Apprehension, Joe Ayres, Noelle Colby-Rotell, Nancy L. Schmidt, and Debbie M. Ayres Sonandre. Communication State Anxiety, Chris R. Sawyer and Ralph R. Behnke. Willingness to Communication, Communication Apprehension, Self-Perceived Communication Competence, and Compulsive Communication: Conceptualizations and Perspectives, James C. McCroskey, Virginia P. Richmond, and Linda L. McCroskey. Anxious and Self-Conscious Shyness, Arnold Buss. Reticence: A Perspective on Social Withdrawal, James A. Keaton, Lynne Kelly, and Gerald M. Phillips. MEASUREMENT. Self-Report Measurement, James C. McCroskey. Physiological Assessment, Alan D. Heisel and Michael J. Beatty. Behavioral Assessment, Anthony Mulac and John Wiemann. CONTEXTS. Communication Apprehension and Quietness: An Interpretive View of Research, Virginia P. Richmond. Cross-cultural Communication Apprehension Research, Donald W. Klopf. REMEDIATION. Treatment Assessment of Communication Apprehension: A Meta-analytic Review, Chia-Fang (Sandy) Hsu. Systematic Desensitization, Derek R. Lane, Terry M. Cunconan, Gustav Friedrich, and Blaine Goss. Skills Training as a Treatment for Communication Problems, Lynne Kelly and James A. Keaton. Communication Apprehension and Cognitions: Is it the Thought that Counts?, A. Kathleen Wilcox. COM Theory, Michael Motley. The Multidimensional Model for Selecting Interventions, Karen Kangas Dwyer. Visualization and Performance Visualization: Applications, Evidence, and Speculation, Joe Ayres, Tim Hopf, Debbie M.A. Sonandre, and Tanichya K. Wongprasat. Bibliography. Author Index. Subject Index.

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