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The First Amendment (Joseph J. Hemmer)

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Title: The First Amendment
Sub-title: Theoretical Perspectives
Author(s): Joseph J. Hemmer
Publish Date: July 2006
Pages: 272
Affiliation: Carroll College
Format: Cloth
Philosophers, academics, and judges have offered opinions regarding the nature, scope, purpose, and function of the First Amendment. In this volume, Hemmer provides a cursory biography of the authors of 34 theories, a brief snippet of the author’s writing, and, in some instances, a description of the impact or effect of the theory on legal doctrine or societal concerns. The work is designed for college undergraduates, and each chapter ends with questions for study. Moreover, a thorough bibliography allows a detailed examination of the primary as well as secondary sources.

Contents: Introduction. Marketplace of Ideas: John Milton. Social Exchange: John Stuart Mill. Social Utility: Zechariah Chafee, Jr. Political Expediency: Leonard W. Levy. Self-Government: Alexander Meiklejohn. Moral Sensibilities: Walter Berns. _Expression/Action Dichotomy, Thomas I. Emerson. Marxist: Herbert Marcuse. Neutral Principles: Robert Heron Bork. Liberal Theory: Thomas M. Scanlon, Jr. Media Access: Jerome A. Barron. A Worthy Tradition, Harry Kalven, Jr. Checking Value: Vincent Blasi. First Freedom: Nat Hentoff. Communication Context: Franklyn Haiman. The Free Speech Principle, Frederick Schauer. Individual Self-Realization, Martin Redish. Law and Economics, Richard A. Posner. Tolerant Society, Lee C. Bollinger. Two Track Analysis: Laurence H. Tribe. More Speech: Paul Chevigny. Liberty Theory: C. Edwin Baker. Multiple Justification: Kent Greenawalt. Romance: Steven H. Shiffrin. Open Society: Rodney A. Smolla. No Speech is Free: Stanley E. Fish. Feminist: Catharine A. MacKinnon. Communitarian: Cass R. Sunstein. Absolutism: Harry M. Bracken. Social Domains: Robert C. Post. Silencing Effect: Owen M. Fiss. Twilight Thesis: Margaret A. Blanchard. Silence: Haig A. Bosmajian. Interdisciplinarity: Matthew D. Bunker. Postscript: A Social Responsibility Perspective. Bibliography.

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