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Digital Youth: Emerging Literacies on the World Wide Web (Jonathan Alexander)

Digital Youth: Emerging Literacies on the World Wide Web (Jonathan Alexander)Quantity in Basket:none
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Title: Digital Youth
Sub-title: Emerging Literacies on the World Wide Web
Author(s): Jonathan Alexander
Publish Date: 2006
Pages: 424
Format: Paper
In the book the author argues that many youth are using the Web to experiment with and deploy a number of surprising rhetorical strategies that tell us much about their vision for the new communications technologies and the emerging literacy practices they are using to engage that technology.

The volume examines both the politics embedded in the representations of youth and technology and the actual practices of communication and meaning making of the "digital youth". To approach the subject, the author draws on the work of three fields of critical inquiry--cultural studies, subcultural studies, and the emerging field of cyberculture studies--to generate a series of questions for critically analyzing various literacy practices performed on and with the Web. Methodologically, the book proceeds as a series of "confrontations" between youth and their representation, particularly with regard to how "digital youth" are figured in relationship to and use technology. Then the author examines, through a series of case studies, how some of these "digital youth" actually use technology to refigure themselves--often in contra-distinction to their "mythological" representation by others. In the process, the book offers a complex but telling portrait of the use of communications technologies, particularly the Web, and the kinds of literacies that some youth are developing with those communication technologies.

Contents: "Hidden Literacies": An Introduction. PART I: LITERACY POSSIBILITIES AND PROBLEMS. Technology, Literacy, and Digital Youth. Uses and Abuses of Hyperbole, or, the Case of Douglas Rushkoff's Digital Kids. PART II: LITERACY PRACTICES. Ironies of Self: Rewriting the Personal Homepage. The Personal and the Political: E-Zines, Community, and the Politics of Online Publication. Writing Queer Digital Youth: A Case of Identity and Community on the Web. PART III: ACTIVIST LITERACIES. Digital Youth Activism Online: Rethinking Web Activism. Literacies in Action: The YOUth and AIDS Web Project. Conclusion: The Futures of Writing? Speculations on Digital Youth, Literacy and Technology. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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