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At Play in the Fields of Writing A Serio-ludic Rhetoric (Albert Rouzie)

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Title: At Play in the Fields of Writing A Serio-ludic Rhetoric
Author(s): Albert Rouzie
Publish Date: 2005
Pages: 244
Format: Paper
We have inherited the notion of play as the opposite of work. This has led us to experience work as alienated labor and to think of adult play as irrelevant and inconsequential. This way of thinking has informed writing instruction and is even expressed in the way English departments are structured. This volume offers English studies a new way of looking at the role of play in student composing and the place of playfulness in college writing classrooms. The author moves beyond the work/play divide by offering the concept of serio-ludic rhetoric, discourse that straddles the fence between serious and playful activity and functions as a force for critique and change in social educational settings. Serio-ludic rhetoric defines play with language and images as a synthesis of work and play that is rhetorically productive, can help overcome student alientation, and help heal the split between rhetoric and poetic in English studies. The book eplores this concept through analysis of student and instructor electronic projects and synchronous discussion confenernces, demonstrating that serio-ludic discourse is often creative, productive, and rhetorically invigorating. It offers a vision of the writing classroom that can help instructors find ways of making a place for productive play in their courses and professional lives.

Contents: Acknowledgements. INTRODUCTIO: PLAY, PLEASURE AND WRITING INSTRUCTION. Exploring Representations of Women. A Renais-Sants of Wonder. The Larger Cultural Area. HEALING THE WORK/PLAY SPLIT: A SERIO-LUDIC RHETORIC FOR ENGLISH/COMPOSITON STUDIES. Theorizing the Work/Play Split. Healing the Work/Play Split in English Studies. How Critical is Play? A Few Uneasy Answers. CONVERSATION AND CARRYING-ON; PLAY, CONFLICT AND SERIO-LUDIC DISCOURSE IN SYNCHRONOUS COMPUTER CONFERENCING. The Value of Serio-ludic Discourse. Conflict and Play in Male Language Games. Playing out the Battle of the sexes. Implications for Instructors. Conclusions: Implications for English and Composition Studies. PLAY IN HYPERTEXT THEORY AND PRACTICE. Play and the Dramatic Experience of Hypertext. Hypertext as Theatre. Aaum Gadget and CWRL Culture. The Case of Hypertext Culture. Composing EAR with E.A.R. From HyperCard to the Web. THE COMPOSITON OF DRAMATIC EXPERIENCE; THE PLAY ELEMENT IN STUDENT ELECTRONIC PROJECTS. Serio ludic Discourse in Hypertext Compositons. The land of Animation. The News Bit: The New News Resource. Going Wild with Clip Art: Anatomy of a Flame War. Taking The Next Step in Education. Simulating a Virtual Village. Encouraging Playful Hypertexts. CONCLUSION: THE CHANGING FIELDS OF WRITING. Playfulness in the Face of Change. Pitfalls and Potentials: Planning Serio-Ludic Activities. APPENDIX: CONTEXT AND METHODS. Context. Methods. Notes. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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