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Facilitating Group Communication Volume 2: Facilitating Group Task and Team Communication

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The role of groups in our lives has never been more apparent and important. Every segment of society—from families to classrooms, workplaces, communities, governments, and international relations—relies on groups. Unfortunately, however, as most of us know only too well from personal experience, when left on their own, groups often flounder and perform less effectively than they should. And the costs of dysfunctional groups are readily apparent, from inefficient work teams that lose large sums of money to groups in conflict engaging in war. Groups, thus, often need help and guidance, especially in learning how to communicate better—in short, they need “group communication facilitation.”

Although a large number of group communication facilitation techniques have been developed over the years, there has been little research documenting the effects of using these techniques. These two texts respond to that gap by showcasing how scholars have used various innovative techniques to facilitate communication in natural groups. Volume 1 explores group communication facilitation techniques that help to create groups, manage group conflict, and promote group conversation and discussion; Volume 2 focuses on techniques for facilitating effective task group communication (planning, making decisions, evaluating actions, and promoting change) and team communication. Together, these texts demonstrate the significant effects that group communication facilitation can have on group life.

Volume 2 Contents: Introduction: Facilitating Group Communication in Context, Lawrence R. Frey. FACILITATING GROUP TASK COMMUNICATION: PLANNING, DECISION MAKING, EVALUATING, AND PROMOTING CHANGE. Facilitating Communication during a Board of Directors’ Retreat: Enacting Change at a Family Center, Trudy Milburn, James Kenefick, and Alethia Lambert. Using Focus Groups to Design a Nationwide Debt-Management Educational Program, Tim Plax, Terre Allen, Patricia Kearney, and Ted Ross. Facilitating Group Communication in Empowerment Evaluation: A Case Study of Substance Abuse Treatment Effectiveness, Satish Kedia. 10 Floundering Women: Facilitating an Investment Club’s Chance to Change, Marya L. Doerfel and Julie L. Toshach. FACILITATING TEAM COMMUNICATION. Facilitating Team Development, Communication and Productivity, Susan A. Wheelan and Sharon Gerlach-Furbur. Metaphoric Illumination and Symbolic Ambiguity: Applying the Team Metaphor for Perceptual Reorientation, John Gribas and Judy Sims. Team Facilitation in Organizational Change: A Case Study from a Bona Fide Group Perspective, John Parrish-Sprowl. Facilitating Cooperation and Problem Solving in Multidisciplinary Project Teams: Creating a Unique Experience with the Use of a Computer Simulation, Joachim Stempfle. Oracles and Other Digital Deities: Using Expert Teams as “Leaders” in an Online, Collaborative Research Project, Edward A. Mabry and Fay Sudweeks. Author Index. Subject Index.

Year: Summer 2005 Pages: 256

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