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Gender, Journalism and Equity: Canadian, U.S. and European Perspectives (Gertrude Robinson)

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Title: Gender, Journalism and Equity
Sub-title: Canadian, U.S. and European Perspectives
Author(s): Gertrude Robinson
Publish Date: Summer 2005
Pages: 256
Format: Cloth
This analysis of the journalism profession is unique in that it uses gender as a central explanatory variable, it is comparative, and it explores the impact of equity legislation on the profession in North American and Europe. The book’s systematic focus on gender not only as a biological, but as a socially constructed attribute permits the author to address the systemic biases that are inherent in the social reproduction of the journalism profession. These biases lead to classificatory and evaluative procedures that have negative outcomes for female professionals. A gender approach can clarify the minority status of females in the profession and why there is a difference in the access, promotion, and remuneration between female and male staff. More importantly, the gender approach is able to pin-point the more intangible networks of male power, which exist outside the authority structure. Finally, this approach provides evidence of how the male denigration of females’ managerial potential inhibit female promotions to top positions, and the difficulties females encounter in functioning in these roles.

Contents: INTRODUCTION. Tackling Gendered Journalism. A Theory of Gender. Journalism as a Social System and an Interpretive Community. A “Ritual” Theory of Social Communication. Feminist Epistemology: Standpoint Theory. CANADIAN PRINT JOURNALISTS. A Millennial Portrait. Gender and the Journalistic Workforce. Women’s Regional Distribution in the Canadian Daily Press. Position and Promotion. Salaries and Remuneration. WOMEN’S STATUS IN CANADIAN TELEVISION. Position and Promotion. Salaries and Remuneration. Revisiting the Explanatory Theories. GENDER IN THE NEWSROOM. An International Comparision. Journalistic Role Conceptions in Canada. Journalistic Role Conceptions in Europe. Ethical Understandings in North America and Europe. Gendered Interactions in the Newsroom: Social Expectations. Gendered Work Expectations as Manifested in Newsroom “Climate”. Responses to Gendered Workplace Pressures. THE “GLASS CEILING” AND ITS EFFECTS ON WOMEN’S MEDIA CAREERS IN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES. The “Glass Ceiling” in the Canadian and U.S. Newspaper Industries. The “Glass Ceiling” in the Canadian and U.S. Television Industries. Conclusions: Gendering and Promotion. The “Glass Ceiling”: What Does It Mean? Canada’s First Female Broadcast Managers. Combating the “Glass Ceiling”: Corporate Responses. Combating the “Glass Ceiling”: Individual Responses. The Future of Females in Media Management. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LEGISLATION IN NORTH AMERICA AND EUROPE. Its Impact on Media Employment. Equal Opportunity Legislation in Canada. Equal Opportunity Legislation in the United States. Equal Opportunity Legislation in the European Union. Have Equity Policies Helped Female Media Employment and Promotion? EQUITY IN PORTRAYAL. It’s Impact on Programming. The Female Viewer and Her Discontents. Canadian Content Initiatives. U.S. Content Initiatives. European Commission Content Initiatives. Is There a Gendered Reporting Style. GLOBALIZATION, GENDER AND THE PUBLIC SPHERE. The Meaning of Globalization and Convergence. Canada’s Gendered Experience with New Technologies. An Assessment of Media and Telecommunications Convergence in Canada. The Diminution of the “Public Sphere” Under Convergence. Media Content and Popular Sovereignty. Gender and the “Civic Journalism” Movement. Appendix. Bibliography. Author Index. Subject Index.

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