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Double Click: Romance and Commitment Among Online Couples (Andrea Baker)

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Title: Double Click
Sub-title: Romance and Commitment Among Online Couples
Author(s): Andrea Baker
Publish Date: 2005
Pages: 224
Format: Cloth
This book analyzes the progress on online couples’ relationships, from the first meeting in cyberspace, to attraction, to meeting offline, and future plans. It demonstrates how people can interact without kinesthetic cues, using typewritten words to become progressively more involved. The requirements of proximity and physical attraction are absent, demanding other ways of relating. Second, data from questionnaires, interviews, and email cases illustrate in detail the process of forming online relationships with solid foundations. Finally, factors identifying successful or lasting online relationships compared to those that more quickly dissolve can tell much about how couples meet and interact to find and keep their mates online and offline. The dangers, traps, and pitfalls, of online relationships are identified, as well as the patterns more conducive to enduring partnerships. Differences and similarities between successful offline and online relationships are examined.

ONLINE COUPLES, INTERNET RELATIONSHIPS. Why Study Online Relationships. Details of the Research Project’s Goals. Development of Data-Based Theory. Methodology. Introduction to the Couples. The Plan of the Book. STUDIES OF ONLINE COMMUNICATION AND ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS. Introduction. What We Know About Online Communication and Online Relationships. Studies of Offline Relationships. What Do We Want to Know About Online Relationships? The Process of Online Relationships for the Couples. HOW THE COUPLES MET ONLINE. Introduction: Starting an Online Relationship. Process of Online Interaction: Meeting Place, Goals, and Initial Contact. Qualities Appealing to the Partner: Interpersonal Attraction Online. More On Qualities That Attract Online. Stories of Online Meetings. Analysis: Review of Elements on Online Attraction and Comparison to Model and Process. ONLINE PLACES AND HOW PEOPLE TALK TO EACH OTHER IN CYBERSPACE. Introduction to Places and Modes Online. Places and Spaces: Online Locations. Where Couples Meet Online. Modes: Real Time, Online Time, Time Delay. Modes of Communication of Couples. Combining Places and Modes. ISSUES OF COMMUNICATION AND INTIMACY ONLINE. Introduction: Expression in Text, Self-Disclosure, and Cyberintimacy. Communication Process: Media Choice. Communication Process: Expression of Feelings and Affection. Communication Process: Handling Conflict in Online Relationships. Communication Content: Self-Disclosure and Honesty. Communication Content: Cybersex, Cyberflirtation. Pace of Development of Physical Intimacy Offline. Individual Tendencies and Amount of Time Spent Online. Online Communication and Sexual Intimacy. Implications, Conclusions on Cybersex and Physicality. HOW THE COUPLES MET IN REAL LIFE. Introduction to How They Met Offline. Part I: Pre-meet: Preparing to Meet Offline. Part II: The Meat: Taking it F@F. Part III: Post-Meat: Plans, Thoughts. Looking Back at the Meat. FACTORS IN SUCCESSFUL AND UNSUCCESSFUL ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS. Introduction to Patterns and Outcomes of Online Relationships. The Four Factors of POST: Place, Obstacles, Self-Presentation, and Timing. Case Studies: Eight Couples and Four Factors in Successful and Unsuccessful Outcomes. The Communication Process: Two Cases. Summary: Factors in Successful Online Relationships. The Model Revisited. RESEARCHING ONLINE COUPLES: CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE STUDY. Introduction: Summary, Implications and the Future. Revisiting the Conceptual Model: Career Contingencies, Success, and POST. Methodological Strategies: Long-Term and Comparative Studies. Methodological Strategies: Data Collection and Sampling. Theory and Conceptual Development in the Future: A Note on Turning Points, New Media, and Social Interaction. Trends in Online Relationships. Revisiting the Process of Online Relationships and Identifying Points for More Research. Final Notes. Appendices. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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