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Quantum Creativity: Waking Up to Our Creative Potential (Amit Goswami, Maggie Goswami)

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Title: Quantum Creativity
Sub-title: Waking Up to Our Creative Potential
Author(s): Amit Goswami, Maggie Goswami
Publish Date: 1999
Pages: 348
Format: Paper
In this stunning addition to the growing literature on creativity, physicist Amit Goswami integrates existing theories of creativity and backs up him quantum physics-based integration with ample experimental data. A background in quantum physics is not needed to understand this journey of exploration into creativity and creative potential. Goswami explains his theory with simple examples from the vast literature of creative acts of creative people, and he illustrates his quantum ideas in clear and accessible terms.The centerpoint of this new integrative theory is that creative ah-ha! insight is literally a quantum leap in the mechanisms of our brains and minds. Goswami holds the view that these leaps are harvested from quantum wave-like proliferations of thought which consist of unconscious process and complement conscious preparation and striving toward the creative act. We choose our creative insight out of the quantum possibilities offered via unconscious processing.

Goswami not only upholds the view that all of us can be creative but backs up his claim with practices toward fulfilling one's creative potential. Central to these practices is his ground-breaking idea that our spirituality, which he defines as a movement toward wholeness, is inner creativity. He suggests that a creative transformation of how we live radically enhances how we create in the traditional fields of creativity--art, science and music. The book initiates a new paradigm of thinking, and new ways to approach consciousness, mind, creativity and science itself.

Contents: AN INTEGRAL VIEW OF CREATIVITY. This is the Mount the Creative Rides: The Quantum, the Quantum, the Quantum. Creativity, Worldviews, and Integration. The Essence of Creativity. Inner Creativity. QUANTUM CREATIVITY. Continuity and Discontinuity. Where Do Creative Ideas Come From? Who Creates? Meaning, Mind and Chaos. The Importance of Unconscious Processing. Purpose and Freedom in Creativity. THE CREATIVE ENCOUNTER. The Creative Encounter. Insight and Process in Scientific Creativity. Creativity in the Arts. Process in Inner Creativity. GENIUS? OR CAN ANYONE BE CREATIVE? Is Creativity a Question of Traits? Creativity, Early Conditioning and Development. Creativity and the Unconscious. Chance and Synchronicity in Creativity. PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT CENTURY. Cultural Polarizations. Creativity and Your Self. Waking Up to Our Creative Potential: What Can We Do? Toward a Creative Society. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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